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17 for 2017- The Beginning.

After all that challenging  last year, this year it’s about FUN!

17 swims

16 hour-long walks thanks Sandra from Wild Daffodil  for this idea.

15 already owned books read- I have read a lot of books this year, by and large borrowed from the library, especially once I started my read through the alphabet challenge, which will continue this year, currently reached W. But in the meantime I have acquired two enormous heaps of books which are cluttering up the place. Time to read them.

14 lbs lost- ever the optimist.

13 homemade cards

12 Photograph posts of villages. Time to explore some local villages and share them . I noticed that some readers enjoy these village pictures when they have appeared from time to time. So I figured it would be nice to make them centre stage this year.

11 days out- Always fun to go out for the day. Beats weeding anytime!

10 New things- this can be anything from food to experiences to places. Time for adventure.

9 crochet/knitting projects- I flippin’ well will finish that cardigan!

8 other craft projects

7 sewing projects- I challenge myself to conquer zips this year.

6 non fiction books read

5 research the answer to five questions about my own family history

4 jolly good sort outs, again thanks to Sandra for this one. I shall tackle the tip that is the spare room, where I am supposed to be crafting.

3 find three interesting things- thanks to Murtaghsmeadow for this idea

2 picnics

1 boat ride- rail and bus journeys are so last year!

0 purchases of any sort for new craft sewing or knitting projects, until all stash is used up or I need something to finish something, eg card/ buttons. This is not going to be fun, but it has to be done.

So that’s my 17 for 2017. Wish me luck. And good luck to anyone else brave enough to blog their goals for 2017. Please feel free to leave a link to your 17 for 2017(or similar) post in the comments.



15 for 2015- September

How the seasons pass- Autumn already, but with a bit of luck we shall continue to enjoy an Indian Summer. We had a lovely weeks holiday in Greece, and I have been in catch up mode ever since. The cooking apples and runner beans are stacking up nicely in the freezer.

Time for an update on my 15 for 2015 goals.

15 minutes walking 4 times a week. Even though my left sole hurts like billyo, I have managed to do this still.

14 bags to a charity shop-one more went this month, total is now 9. Getting there slowly.

13 animal photos- achieved already but I have four lovely ones to add in this month. How about this little moggy- Greek of course. After “doors” surely cats are the best photographs to come from Greece. I know I mention Greece a lot, but my mother in law was Greek, so I feel I have to do my bit to help that country. And if it means going on about Greece well I shall.

Parga, Greece September 2015 009

12 meetings with friends- total remains at 8

11 new savoury recipes- I made a stuffed aubergine dish , frankly it was horrible, total now stands at 10

10 handwritten letters- 2 written this month, total is 7

9 handmade cards- achieved already

8 sewing/embroidery projects. I made a little dog I will be posting about tomorrow and also these covered coathangers. Total projects completed  is now 5.

13.9.15 005

7 New yarns- 2 tried and I don’t think there will be time for more this year

6 trips to museums etc- achieved already

Time for another animal picture, don’t you love this cow?

22.9.15 028

5 projects for charity-3 completed

4 new walks-it might have been in Greece, but walking like a mountain goat is definitely going in this total- the walk to Ali Pasha’s castle

Parga, Greece September 2015 139

3 craft workshops-still at a big fat ZERO

2 new cities visited. Yes! turns out Ioannina is a university CITY, and with Salisbury that makes the two.

Parga, Greece September 2015 085

And while I am on the subject of Greece, how about these goats?

Parga, Greece September 2015 044

1 railway journey- achieved already

0 impulse purchases, I am keeping out of charity shops, so total number of failures stays at three

And here is my final animal picture, which has got to be my favourite one this year.

22.9.15 043

How are you doing with any goals you have set yourself this year?Do leave a link to a post you may have made on the subject.






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