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Ellerburn Nature Reserve.

The Sun shone on Sunday and I almost thought it was Spring. After a stint in the garden and a visit to the tip with the garden clippings I took myself on a walk round the Ellerburn Nature Reserve. Warning, here be bones.

I can’t resist a blue sky through bare branches shot.

Ominous cloud which took itself off, I am pleased to say.

Rather small rabbit which stayed put long enough for a picture.

Strange sort of whirly bird. And then  -bones.

Rabbit, Pheasant?

Any ideas anyone? You were warned. I did think about taking them home, then thought maybe that is not my best idea ever.





Books- May 2017

None of my books this month have come from the heap by the bed. I have had some good reads too, and many thanks to all who recommended the works of Nikki French and Deborah Crombie, they are as good as you said.

M C Beaton-Death of a Policeman– having enjoyed the Hamish Macbeth TV programme I looked forward to reading a novel. The writing and plotting is weak. I won’t read another

Ann Cleeves- A Lesson in Dying- an early novel from this author, well plotted and written. A good solid detective story.

Nikki French- Friday on my Mind-a good detective story but I should have started with Blue Monday and worked my way through the series.

Deborah Crombie- To Dwell in Darkness. A solid London-based crime novel. The Americanisms grated a bit as all the characters are British. A good read, but as with the previous book there are earlier novels featuring the main character which I should have started with.

But this is my favourite. Now I don’t who mentioned it, but someone did and a great Big Thank You to you. I had never heard of this one and it is an utterly charming picture book and I can’t wait to give it to Little Miss F and I am sure her brother Master T will love it too. That’s if I can bear to part with it.

In the meantime I should start to read from the heap again but am rather thinking I would like to read some books to do with nature as I embark on 30 days wild.

Love to hear any recommendations from your recent reading or on the subject of nature.

One a week Photo Challenge- Nature

Doing what comes naturally, and very successfully given the number of tadpoles we now have in the pond. Photos taken in March 2017 of the frogs in our garden pond.

Next week’s prompt is Modern.

Please leave a link to your nature pictures either here or over at Wild Daffodil

Happy Snapping!


10 Random things!

I did a 10 random things post back in February and it was great fun. Seeing Annie’s recently on Knitsofacto reminded it was time for another.

So here goes

my hot air ballon pics 2014 007

I just love this New Moon over the trees in our garden. I am never quite certain which I prefer a New Moon or a Full Moon. There is something just magical about moon light.

Riveaulx terrace-May 2014 004

And you can’t beat a Bluebell wood. These just smelled divine, of honey and childhood. We always went bluebell picking in the Spring. Since I had my own home I have grown bluebells in the garden so I can still pick them. And they are spreading year on year. This year I think I have enough to transplant into a new area of the garden. A really pleasant job for next week.

Riveaulx terrace-May 2014 024

We were given, by two of our boys,  a years National Trust membership for Christmas.This is Rievaulx terrace. Rich bankers are not a thing of just now. Imagine being able to build your own posh house and then finding that you had wonderful views of Rievaulx Abbey from your estate 9 miles away. What do you do, why build a terrace and a picnic spot.. this to be precise. Now owned by the National Trust.

Riveaulx terrace-May 2014 014

Totally loved this horse sculpture, half way along the Terrace.

Dorset May 14 018

This made me smile so much last week in the New Forest.

Dorset May 14 044

Loved this avenue of trees, picture bit rubbish on account of being in a car at the time.

Dorset May 14 048

So recognize this from the Hovis adverts? Not West Yorkshire at all, but Shaftesbury, Dorset. Loved the views from here.

Dorset May 14 058

Can’t resist a black cat in a churchyard, especially one who reminds me of my beloved Mrs Tigger.

Dorset May 14 093

Ok so you will have to click on this picture to see the moorhen chicks. I don’t think I saw moor hen chicks before. This taken at Lulworth Cove.

Dorset May 14 071

And a buttercup field. I just love the sight of a buttercup field.

So that was 10, but here’s a bonus

Dorset May 14 104

Picked from my garden this week. The honeysuckle is spectacular and I just had to have some for the house. There is a blackbird and a robins nest in amongst it. Can you imagine a more perfect place to be a baby bird in?

Hope you enjoyed these, which was your favourite?


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