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Sunday Sevens

I have been really strict this week and kept to the Sunday and the seven bit of Sunday Sevens. Seven photos which tell you more of my every day life. I started the week with a trip to a car boot sale in Hutton le Hole.

Heather 2015 002

Now I am not terribly keen on car boot sales, too much rubbish, too high prices and Mr E takes FOR EVER! This one also made me a bit sad, one couple had boxes and boxes of cross stitch fabric,kits, threads etc. Initially I thought GREAT, then I remembered that really and truly I don’t need anymore supplies. Then I realized from the rest of the stall they were selling off the craft materials from one of their Mums. So sad. A lifetimes passion reduced to white plastic boxes on a field. I decided then and there that I must make a real effort to use what I have and not acquire more stash.

After that I had a mooch round a nearby craft fair, popped into a craft workshop, selling glass buttons, good intentions right out the window, bought some lovely glass buttons,which I now can’t find to show you. Then we had coffee at the local pub. Photo of that omitted to keep me in the seven limit. But you can imagine pub and coffee.

Then up onto the moors to enjoy the heather. I love heather,  try to imagine the delicious smell of honey in the next picture, because the moors smell of warm honey when the heather is in full bloom.

Heather 2015 012

I know most of the UK has had a rotten week weather wise, but smug mode, up here we have had lovely sunshine every day. Monday, I went to the fruit farm and picked strawberries and raspberries. Tuesday we went to the forest and picked bilberries. Please to imagine bilberry meringue pie. The new hand held mixer was a triumph at meringue, all done in a couple of minutes. The old one took nearer ten.

Wednesday we went to Scarborough , for the last of the summer sales. I think I was too late! I really wanted some new sandals but the shops were full of Boots. It’s August for goodness sake.

Rest of the week has been about the garden. Finally my hollyhock has flowered.

29.8.15 002

But there has been time for knitting and crochet and sewing. I am beginning to think that it’s probably not a good idea to have so many projects on the go at once as there are few finishes to share. So here are my WIPS.

I am knitting a Peppa Pig jumper for Miss F. Deadline is beginning of October.

29.8.15 009

Coming along. Bet you’d like to see the mess I get in whilst knitting!

29.8.15 010

How not to do it. I will show it again when I have tidied it all up!

I am crocheting a blanket for Mr B and Ms G. Coming along slowly, deadline beginning of December.

29.8.15 014

I found the safety glasses for the mosaic but it’s in the pending pile. Whilst retrieving the mosaic supplies from the wardrobe last week I unearthed the materials for something completely different. Now this sounds naff, but… When I was little my Mum had one padded coat hanger and I loved it.  Oh how I coveted it. For years and years I thought about making one. I have no less than three magazine articles dating back to the 1970s on how to do it. And a couple more recent ones. Last well maybe a few more years ago I bought some plain wooden coat hangers and found some suitable fabric to use and put it all in a bag and did precisely nothing with it.

So  there I am falling over the bag this week and feeling sad about white plastic boxes at car boot sales, so I set about some sewing.

29.8.15 011

There we go, two with ribbon round the metal hanger, two more ribboned and wrapped with wadding and two finished. naff or not I love them!!

So I hope you like my week, thanks as always for the inspiration for this to Nat at Threads and Bobbins

Love to hear about your week and your WIPS!!


Back Yard Exploration!

The heather is out on the North York Moors in all its glory, and it being Bank Holiday weekend Mr E and I had a day out, exploring our own back yard, never getting further than 15 miles from home.

moors aug 14 008

The smell is just divine, imagine honey and then more honey and that’s how the moors smell at this time of year.

moors aug 14 013

This is Farndale, love the remains of the stone building in the background.

moors aug 14 015

And this would be Rosedale, looking beautiful and completely natural, look carefully for all round this Dale are the remains of

moors aug 14 016

a railway line which served the needs of the local iron industry. At one time Rosedale also had a glass blowing industry the furnace for which is in the Ryedale Folk museum, and from the talk at our Family History Group this week I hear that come this winter the glass furnace will feature in a programme made by the Countryfile team.

moors aug 14 021

My little camera tried as hard as it could to show the remains of the iron industry, which if you click on the picture itself you may be able to see.

moors aug 14 025

Scattered across the moors are waymarkers/crosses like this one. The Ralph Cross, now symbol of the park authority,is possibly 700 years old.

moors aug 14 028

This is Duck Bridge and is a medieval pack horse bridge, not wide enough for cars but just wide enough for a pack horse with fully laden paniers to pass over.

moors aug 14 030

Pretty narrow! Enough to perplex any sat nav- fortunately there is a ford just the other side. Here’s another..

moors aug 14 046

This one is called Beggars Bridge. The story is that a poor young man called Tom Ferris fell in love with The Squires’ daughter, Agnes. Tom went away to sea and wished to say Goodbye before he left, but couldn’t cross the river by the Ford as the river was in full spate. Four years later he returned a wealthy man, married his Agnes and built the Bridge so that no couple should ever be unable to see their loved one.

Just love these old tales.. Onwards

Hutton le hole Aug 14 013

Have to have a picture of sheep on the moors. The sheep know exactly which their bit of moor is and don’t stray, somehow the knowledge is passed onto the lambs by the ewes. You do have to drive with care as they wander onto the roads and into the villages. I don’t want to make this post too long but I have some super pictures of sheep for another post.

Hutton le hole Aug 14 015

So I will just leave as I began with the lovely heather on the moors- this taken near Hutton le Hole.

Hutton le hole Aug 14 014

Hope everyone in the UK enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend, and some managed to do some exploring in their own neighbourhood.


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