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Monterrey (US) to Manchester (UK)

Well we have now reached the final leg of our wonderful road trip. We are in Monterrey Bay (spell check is insisting that it should be double r here but I am not convinced).

I have not mentioned Mary Lou our sat nav (GPS) recently because she has been very good and just getting us places but over the next two days, she comes into her own and is well, Inspired and Bold! Even the car with no name has not been loosing herself in car parks- mostly because in Barstow we lost her after dinner for 10 minutes in the dark and after that parked in places we could make a note of and not forget.

By now we were feeling pretty tired. I certainly was suffering from motel fatigue,i.e. all motels were looking the same and merging into one. I have to say that the one we stayed in Monterrey was a cut above the others. It was cleaner and the managers were extremely pleasant and helpful. Effort had been made with flowers on the landings in hangings tubs etc. It was a bit disconcerting the first night as I took a shower- first I could the hear the Last Post ( naval college near by) and then surely not…sea lions? There was a sea life centre in Monterrey, was that it?

We loved Monterrey, on the second night we were there(Tuesday) there was a really good street market in the late afternoon. The most wonderful fruit and veggies- we treated ourselves to some strawberries, and would you believe it handmade knitted crafts and bags etc.

The light over the sea was just wonderful, an artists dream. Not certain my photos will do it justice, so you may just have to check it out for yourself! On our last proper day we took the 17 mile Drive to Carmel. There is one more ” Vertigo” location for you, I think we found the right spot.. hard to tell as Hitchcock, seems to have had a go at improving the place for artistic reasons.let me know what you think, if you are Vertigo fan.

As we sat near the beach in Carmel, it suddenly came to me why I had heard of it. Clint Eastwood and the ice creams I said. Pardon says Eric.Ice cream eating was banned in the streets or was it a bill board selling ice creams- there was a bye law or something and Clint Eastwood who lives here became mayor or something to fight it. Not quite certain of the actual details, but the gist is correct. Carmel did look pretty well healed and was well very pretty. You wouldn’t want it looking like Fisherman’s Wharf at Monterrey, I can see that…but I do like ice cream!

Anyway time for some pics


See what I mean about the light


And below is a timely reminder that we were on the St Andreas line and at risk…


And here’s the explanation for the noise I heard in my shower..


Can’t see them- let’s have another look


That’s one of Eric’s photos. Here’s another which shows what I mean about the extraordinary light..


And finally here is the last Vertigo location – the Lone Cyprus tree, where Madelaine provides more evidence of being possessed by Carlotta


What do you think- is that the right place?I think so.

And so it is nearly the end. We miss a turning on our way home and Mary Lou is inspired- in we go to a college campus, round a few buildings , into a car park and back onto the road, virtually opposite our motel. Are we allowed to do that I ask. Well we just did!

And time to bid farewell to the car with no name


Onto the last leg of our trip. We can’t face the freeway and opt for a leisurely drive up the coast, stopping at a delightful town called Half Moon Bay,how could it not be lovely with a name like that.

And so towards San Fransisco, and we miss the turning for our final motel… Oh Mary Lou, how could I have been so rude. She is magnificent- with great aplomb we find our selves directed towards the airport, through domestic arrivals and back out miraculously it seems to me on the right road in this junction to cap all spaghetti junctions! Not quite certain we are allowed to do this….

So this is nearly the end. Up betimes in the morning for the two flights home. 8am departure, 8am arrival in Manchester, home again on Friday afternoon.

Home to a big pile of mail on the doorstep, to cold and rain, to two big suitcases of washing, to lots of memories of the most wonderful holiday ever, to my dear Dad, to my boys and to my Mum, and



Tomato soup anyone?

As always all comments welcome. Normal posts will resume.

to be continued…Next Year says Eric






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