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Taking stock!

I read Patch’s taking stock post and followed her links to Pip’s who was taking stock last month and thought that if I took stock right now I might clear the haze from my brain which is in overload and heading for melt down.

Here goes:-

Making- one knitting project on the go for Little Miss F

Cooking- lots of vegetarian food but today I made a chicken and almond curry and it was delicious

Drinking- I am a tea drinker- Earl Grey in the Spring and Summer, Lapsang  in the Autumn and Winter. And at this  time of year am in the change over from one to another depending on mood and temperature outside.

Reading- have just finished my book and am in a happy stage of indecision as to what to read next. Anything rather than the half completed Power of Attorney documents my brother left me to finish off for our Mum.

Wanting- the fog to lift from my brain

Looking- at the birds in the garden as they select a nest site and suitable building materials.

Playing- happy that I finished the Sudoku in the TV mag today.

Deciding- that I will have to be firm with my Dad and tell him he can’t run a holiday cottage from a hospital bed aged 90! Especially when he had already said he had cancelled all bookings… and now it turns out he may not have.

Wishing- that Mr E was not still working away- only two weeks to go and he will be home

Liking-the sunshine

Wondering-why on earth people fuss so much about a few wrinkles, they are aging anyway!

Loving- my family

Pondering- should I go and make some tea right now

Considering- which sewing project to do next, finish a doll I am making or start a wall hanging. You will all know which has the greater appeal

Watching- the Great British Sewing Bee- still haven’t decided who I think is the front runner

Hoping- for lots of hot sunny days this year

Marveling- at the human desire and will to live

Needing- a hug

Smelling- the hycaynths which have just come into flower in the garden

Wearing- comfy jeans and jumper

Following-Run around ranch who may be taking on the Friday Fences meme. Yippee.

Noticing- these jeans feel a bit on the tight side- OH NO

Knowing- that no man/woman should be an island

Thinking- how much clutter we still have to go through, will it never end

Feeling- a bit over whelmed at the moment

Admiring- the hospital staff who are taking care of my Dad and the Social Worker who is helping us keep Mum safe

Sorting- CLUTTER

Buying- the bare essentials only, but a new pair of shoes would be nice…

Getting- it takes me ages to get a joke, but I did this week and I will tell it to you in May

Bookmarking- I am trying to go through my books too and I am amazed at the number of book marks I own. I bookmark a lot of recipes in recipe books with old postcards and photos. Brill. Last thing I bookmarked blogging wise is this

Disliking- myself quite a bit at the moment- guilt is a hard thing but I can’t be in four places at once!!

Opening- hopefully we will be opening a new chapter in our lives this year

Giggling- a little at myself right now for being a bit of a Moaning Minnie! Now wouldn’t that be a great blog Moaning Minnie? Yeah just Googled it and it is a shop on Etsy!!

Feeling- better, taking stock was a good idea thanks

Snacking- Ginger Nuts…jeans/tight? Connection?

Coveting- nothing,well maybe stretchy jeans, or non fattening ginger nuts

Wishing- I had gone and made that tea

Helping-Next week Mr E and I are painting the front door- I am definitely the help.

Hearing- the radiator as the boiler clicks into life

Enjoying- the times I can get into the garden and weed with my friend Spot the blackbird

Waiting- any minute now, for the kettle to boil for that tea.

phone 20.3.14 232

Feeling a bit  better, taking stock is good from time to time.











Worth the effort!

I was totally convinced that if I really tried and used all my spare time I could finish the hooded jumper in time for Master T’s birthday and our visit to see him at the weekend. I was right !

Here is the completed garment.

cambridge feb 14 003

And here is T wearing it whilst waiting for his Sunday lunch to appear. The first time I made a hood and I was delighted that it fitted him.

cambridge feb 14 012

And here is the beautiful Miss F wearing her latest offering from her devoted Nana.

cambridge feb 14 023

We had a lovely family day amidst a whirlwind of a weekend away.

You see we- that is Mr E and me- may be on the move. We are tired of the A1, M1, M6,M42, M25,A14,M11, M3,M4 etc, etc , etc that lies between us and our family. We moved to my home town 12 years ago fully intending to be here forever. We didn’t realize then that all our sons would have to move down South just as I did aged 18, in order to earn a crust. And so reluctantly we are thinking of moving again..hence all the de-cluttering as we get our home market ready. But are we 100% sure of where exactly to move too? Well NO! .Because we too have a crust to earn as well. So we spent most of the weekend location hunting .

Meantime the only thing to do is to put one foot in front of another and keep calm and keep crafting on… Oh the solace of knitting needles!

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As the year closes…

It was more than worth the months of preparation to have two sons, two partners, one Great Grandad, two grandsons, one granddaughter, one husband and yours truly around our table for Christmas.

toni 25.12.13

Just a prefect Christmas.Here’s the delectable little Miss F who is missing from the picture above.


with her Nanacathy- my perfect Christmas gift

christmas 2013 012

and here’s Master T looking like I feel…


The Father Christmas is now nearly 40 years old and he just loved being the centre of attention again.

Photos by Mr E and Mrs T.

So what now? A time for reflection as this year draws to an end? A time to hibernate a little, to curl up by the fire, read a little, drink tea and think? Maybe a walk or two in the crisp winter air?

I have been so extraordinarily busy for the last four months, I need to stop, draw breathe and think,what next Nanacathy, what next?

Friday’s Fences!

After the car had it’s service it needed an MOT the next day- so another chance for me to explore the side of town I don’t visit so much. Camera in hand of course.

14.11.13 003

Quite a nice field through this fence.

14.11.13 009

How about over the gate?

Is this where you would build over a 100 hundred houses for the elderly? With restaurant, shops etc? Maybe not? The nearby residents have taken up the “Not in my back yard” stance, but where can elderly people live?

My father in law is losing his sight and recently took the decision to go to a care home. My own Dad is getting very frail, but at least lives near me and has friends. My Mum on the other hand moved to Wales 40 years ago, and is now getting forgetful, confused, sad and lonely. The friends and neighbours she had have either gone into care or died, and the incomers are all out to work every day. It is a worry which we as a family are trying to resolve.

Older people need somewhere to live where they feel safe, have company and yet keep independence, a purpose built place is ideal. But here in this field where  the lumps and bumps tend to suggest it has been farmed along a medieval strip system at sometime, yet now is used only for sheep occasionally.

The house I live in was once a green field- less than 100 years ago- as are the homes of the people who live near this field.

Sad though it is I am on the side of building good accommodation here for the elderly, what do you think?

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Nana Cathy Knits!

theo and florrie

That’s why I knit!

Love to know who is your inspiration for knitting, crocheting and crafting?

Photo by my daughter in law Mrs T.

PS Apparently the flower on the shoulder is edible!

On being a good Grand Parent.

I have been thinking about what makes a good Grand Parent.  I loved my Granny- she was the best person in the whole world. Mr E loved his Granny- she was the best person in the whole world. But why.. what were their qualities.

My Granny was 70 when I was born, she was quite a reserved person – quiet. I don’t recall her making me laugh, in fact I recall very little of her. But there her memory sits in my heart- best person in the whole world. She was a good cook- well I do know she made the best lemon Victoria sandwich cake ever- years later when I made my own lemon curd I realized that homemade lemon curd was what made hers special. Mr E says his Granny made the best ever biscuits. But it’s more than food that makes a special grand parent.

When it comes down to it, Granny was non judgmental , at least of me, gentle , kind and had time. She would take me on tours of her house and show me her special things. Granny made me feel special. She was quite a contrast to my bossy whirl wind of a mother- who ran her household as if we were all her 5 years old pupils who needed Sorting Out. Several times in the last week I have heard Mum described as feisty or fierce!

Sadly Granny died when I was just 10, and still a child. I wish I could know her now- so many questions… so much love.

All of which takes me to how we spent a large part of last week- looking after Master T for his Mum and Dad. Master T loves to climb- everything.. but he also loves stories and jigsaw puzzles. He was utterly delightful to be with, but maybe, if I am honest, a bit tiring. I hope we were good Grand Parents. I’d love to hear if you had a Grand Parent you adored and if you know what those elusive qualities were.

Meet Master T

Florence oct  13 057

At the Steam Museum

Florence oct  13 063

playing trains

Florence oct  13 064

doing puzzles

Florence oct  13 066

sort of helping Grandad build a bridge

Florence oct  13 068

wolfing down pasta- note the Nana knit with his favourite tractor buttons

Florence oct  13 083

Trying to find a suitable toy for his Baby Sister- who he thinks is called OLIVER!

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