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Lovely Lemons

Don’t you love lemons? I might have gone a bit overboard yesterday though. First up I made lemon curd. If you have never made lemon curd then do so straight away. It’s gorgeous and knocks the shop stuff into a tin hat. And it’s easy.

Lemon Curd

Grated rind and juice of three large or 4 medium lemons

4 eggs

4oz/100g butter, cut into small pieces

12oz/350g caster sugar.

Put all into a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Then heat gently for about 20 minutes, until it thickens. I stir it from time to time to see how it’s doing.

Strain into sterilized jars, cover and keep in a fridge. Eat within three weeks.

8.6.16 023

I am ,as many of us are, a big fan of The Great British Bake Off. I was so jealous of the fantastic food mixers that the contestants got to use, that last year Mr E gave me one for Christmas. Was I happy! Then my usual techno fears began and it is now scary new food mixer. I am determined not to be so silly. I have just about mastered the liquidizer bit with soup making, now to tackle the mixer proper. I am making basic Victoria sandwich cakes till I stop being a silly billy. So I made a lemon one and filled it with lemon curd.

8.6.16 024

Then I made some still lemonade. I have been experimenting with this year by year, the first batch I made was too sweet, and by trial and error I have finally come up with the proportions of sugar to lemon juice I am happy with.

Still Lemonade

4 lemons

5 oz sugar

1 1/2 pints of boiling water

Remove the lemon rind with a potato peeler and place in large bowl with the sugar and boiling water. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Cover and leave to cool.

Add the juice of the lemons.

Strain into bottles or jug if consuming straight away and serve chilled.

8.6.16 025

Three bottles and a glass for me!


Love to know of your favourite hot weather drink. I think elder flower cordial has it for me, but the elder flowers aren’t ready yet. And would you believe it, I caught Mr E on the brink of cutting down the elder flower tree. WHAT?

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