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Yarn Along!

I knitted the second cottage.


So there we have the complete Village Project.


Pattern is by a firm called Knitwell and the pattern is in a booklet called Oddments 558. I can’t find it on their webpage, but I have had it a very very very very very LONG time.

But wait..


Mary? Whatever is the matter? Your lamb?


On the Green and near the road. However did that happen? Boy Blue were you asleep?


Never! But who is that roaring down the road. Little Miss F in her car.


Stop Please Little Miss F.


And she did.


Phew said Little Boy Blue.


PHEW said Mary


Baa said the lamb.


Now how on earth do I wrap that lot for Little Miss F?

Figures are from the patterns of Jean Greenhowe


I am reading my way through the alphabet. I had reached an author beginning with J. I was reading Henry James and What Maisie Knew. Let’s just say I didn’t get on with this book. Me and Henry James just aren’t meant to be. After 200 pages I couldn’t face one more word. So I read the book I had chosen for K. The Secret Life of Bees. I had seen the film twice and loved it and I love this book. My favourite read this year.

So back to the library for a new letter J. Now this book was the only one I fancied and I didn’t have high hopes for it. Think Bridget Jones younger sister goes to Canada.  But I am really enjoying it, pure fantasy but with some interesting themes to make you think.

Linking with Ginny for Yarn Along


Yarn Along!


What is this? Answer at the end. Actually I think it’s sheer genius.

31.8.16 002

31.8.16 017

Well I did not make much progress with the white cable cardigan. Still on the back , but very nearly at the shape raglan sleeve.

On my read an author through the alphabet challenge, I have now reached J, and was very happy to find this Henry James, What Maisie Knew.  Apparently it is a film , but not one I had heard of. In a nutshell, child caught up in adult nastiness/ game playing  following the divorce of her parents. Makes me want to smack the adults in question. Enough said. I do struggle a bit with Henry James. The sentences are a tad long and I wonder what some of them are saying. But I get the gist.

The other book is another one about the Victorian Workhouse. Very interesting and who knew that topping up wages with benefits wasn’t new?

So did you figure out what that was I had knitted in the first picture?

31.8.16 013

Twas the chimney pot. Brilliant.

31.8.16 014

I can not tell you how much I loved constructing the first cottage. It took all afternoon, with flowers in the window box and a rose round the door. Here’s the back.

31.8.16 015

I stitched a tiny bit of the stuffing coming out of the chimney for smoke. So now my village has a green, a road, a pond, three trees and one cottage. Another cottage and finishing touches to come.

So, time to name the village. Got to be suitably English, therefore slightly ridiculous in the Midsummer Murders tradition. What do you think to Throckmartin Under Cliff. Mr E suggested Throckmartin on the Severn. Or have you another idea.

Now I was thinking, sometimes Nana’s do think. This village needs a little story to go with it. I thought a Giant named Boomer could be terrorising the place. And what about a suitable name for a spooky wood in which there are only three trees remaining. And who lives in the cottages? Please let  imaginations run wild, I would love your ideas. Or your childrens’/ grandchildrens’ ideas.

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