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The Gloves.

The last time I shared these gloves they looked like this. I used Sirdar country Style double knitting yarn, and pattern number 9445. I don’t think it’s in print anymore, but any pattern for plain gloves , or even mittens, or ready-made will do for what I am writing about next.

About 18 years ago I studied for my Part one Creative Embroidery City and Guilds award. One of our final projects was to create some wearable embroidery. I decided to try gloves. I did lots of research, visiting museums and even writing up my own history of gloves booklet.

The one thing that struck me was that gloves were highly decorated on the cuffs, but not so much on the main part of the glove itself.

I took further inspiration from a child’s book called Teeny Tiny and the Witch Woman. I don’t have the book any more, but I do have the picture that caught my attention.

See the way the branches look like fingers.

I was also very drawn to ivy clad trees.

So I decided to elongate the fingers and decorate my gloves with ivy.

I knitted the gloves, and this was the final result.

Back of the gloves

Palm of the gloves complete with gnarly bits.

Turns out that elongated fingers and bumps in the palms are wholly impractical and so the gloves sat in my drawers all these years. I always thought that one day I would use the ivy leaf pattern on a more practical pair of gloves. Working out the pattern was hard and deserved to be used.

So this Autumn I finally got round to doing just this.

Ivy leaves only on the front of the gloves, but still embroidered.

with chain stitch. The leaves are four ply yarn and the veins are stitched in a contrasting yarn.

Now on the vaguest of chances that anyone would like a pattern for an ivy leaf, could be useful on an autumn wreath, I set about turning my scribbled notes into something resembling a pattern. Not easy, and I am now very respectful of everyone who regularly turns out patterns, it’s jolly hard. The lovely Snail of Happiness made me very happy by having a go at knitting my ivy leaf. Thank you so much for this.

The pattern is below and I will put it up above on a new Page for all time! If you have a go please let me know, it would make my day!


Knitted Ivy Leaf

4ply yarn and 2 ¾ mm knitting needles. Stocking Stitch throughout. Tension not important.

Increase K stitches by K in front then in the back of the stitch, P front and then back in the same stitch to increase in the P rows

Make a small ball of green yarn for use on the first two rows.

With the small ball cast on three stitches.

With the rest of the yarn cast on three stitches, on the same needle (6 sts in all)

K- increase one stitch and knit across the first group- 4 sts

Keeping the two sections quite separate at this stage, K across the second group of three with the small ball , inc in last st, 4 sts

P inc one stitch at start of the row, P2tog at the end of the first group- 4 sts

P 2tog one stitch at the start of the second group, inc one stitch at the end- 4 sts

This has created two small points at the base of the leaf. You can now cut the yarn on the smaller ball as you are only going to use the larger ball.

K- inc one stitch, k 2, k2 tog ( 1 stitch from each group, thus joining the two points), k2, inc in last st- 9 sts

P- inc 1 st at each end- 11 sts

Stocking stitch 4 rows starting with a K row

Decrease rows are worked on knit rows, Slip one, Knit one then pass slip stitch over, P are slip one , purl one and pass slipped stitch over.

K- Dec1 st at each end- 9 sts

P- inc 1 st at each end- 11 sts

K- inc 1 st, K1, K2 tog, turn- 4 sts

P2 tog twice, turn

k2 tog and fasten off

With right side facing rejoin the yarn as follows

Make 1 stitch by picking up the loop before the first st and knit into the back of the loop.

K3, make 1 stitch by knitting into the loop before the next stitch- 5 stitches, turn and work on these 5 stitches

Starting with a P row, stocking stitch 4 rows

P- Dec 1 stitch at each end- 3 sts. Turn

Slip one stitch K ways, K2 tog, PSSO and fasten off

With right side facing rejoin to the last group of 4 sts by K2 tog, K1, inc in last st- 4 sts Turn

P2 tog twice. Turn

K2 tog and fasten off.

Darn in all the ends

Using a contrasting yarn chain stitch the leaf veins to each of the leaf’’s points using a

small chain stitch.

This leaf can be used to decorate gloves, mittens, hats, as a brooch or as part of knitted


Who would think it took so many instructions for one tiny leaf!


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