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Yarn Along- November 2020

Ok so let’s start with giving you a giggle- I have never tried taking a photo of myself in a mirror and clearly have a lot to learn on how to do it without masking face and not showing clutter in the house.

One sleevless jumper.

At least you can’t see the clutter- believe me I had several attempts and this is my best photo- next time I may just try tidying up a bit first!

So onto my next project and my current book.

Grandson T has asked for another bright coloured jumper with V neck- I may even have it done by Christmas. It’s James Brett partytime yarn again and has a cabled front which does require a modicum of concentration from me, but then the rest of it is straight stocking stitch and ideal TV snuggled down knitting in the evening.

Now the book, came highly recommended a while ago but has taken some tracking down- wasn’t available at all in the library at our old house, but was available here- one copy. I requested it in August and it took the powers that be until last week to track it down and send it to my branch.

Briefly the plot is small boy falls from the roof of a block of flats and it is thought to be an accident- except Smilla can read his footprints in the snow and knows he was chased onto the roof and so fell- question is by whom and why.

Now here’s the thing- it makes me laugh- not the plot but the writing- ever so often there’s a throw away line at the end of a paragraph and I chuckle- two lines later I’m thinking did he really write that and go back, re read the paragraph and laugh again. But nowhere on the blurb on the cover does it mention humour. I am now mystified. Most books that claim to be hilarious and laugh out loud funny just leave me cold, I am lucky if they raise one smile.

Why oh why do I find this funny? I check reviews- the book is refered to as a classic cult novel, but seems to depress or bore and disappoint a lot of readers.

I try to work out how to describe the humour- is it sarcastic- I look up sarcasm on t’internet- the lowest from of wit or the highest from of intelligence- take your pick. Then I find irony is close to sarcasm and is often miss named such. Sarcasm is designed to hurt someone on a personal level- irony may have the same content but does not hurt.

Now a few years ago I had a boss who told me that a member of staff didn’t understand my humour and thought I was being sarcastic , he knew I wasn’t but could I tone it down a bit. I really had no idea what he meant , but stopped joking around with this person with whom I hardly had any contact anyway.

Further research on irony told me that it’s a very popular form of humour in Denmark- maybe I was just born in the wrong country! And having done a DNA test whch revealed a tiny bit of Scandanavia in me, maybe I am a tiny bit Danish- after all I do like bacon and can snuggle down at home with the best of them!

Suffice to say I am enjoying the book a lot.

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