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Sunday Sevens!

After the busyness of the previous week, this one has seemed quite calm. I put up our tree

18.12.15 001

I would love a real tree, but a) I feel guilty uprooting/hacking down a tree and b) I got fed up of choosing and planting one all by myself as no-one else could be bothered, so we have had this magnificent one complete with artificial snow for some years. It made me sneeze this year, how do you dust a tree?

18.12.15 002

He may looked battered but he has seen forty one years and survived three boys, two cats and two dogs!!

18.12.15 003

And there is my lovely angel from Rainbow Jane, the decoration from Claire 93 and one of the hearts I made.

18.12.15 004

This beautiful glass icicle which reflects the light so prettily was given to us in Dorset by our nephew and Godson, another Mr T and his wife Mrs A, to mark that they are expecting a baby in May. It was made by Bristol Homemade Glass

18.12.15 005

I don’t like to tempt fate but we  have finally exchanged contracts on the sale of my Dad’s house. I have started the final clear out of the property. I came across my Stepmother’s button tin and the package to the left contains needles. No way were they going to charity/the tip! A nice momento, although my Step Mum did not do sewing!! She had people who did that for her!

18.12.15 006

Busy crocheting a replacement picnic blanket for Mr J, who gave the previous one to his puppy for bedding. I am using up loads of oddments and it is fun to create something colourful, useful and economical!

Lastly but not least, I won some lovely yarn  a while since from the yarny robin . Three balls of Sirdar Faroe Chunky have been transformed into an adult slouchy hat, a pair of fingerless adult mittens and a  child size hat. The pattern was Sirdar 9906. The remaining yarn made a pompom just the right size to go on the child’s hat, which I had adapted from the child’s slouchy hat. Thank you Yarny Robin

18.12.15 007

Linking with Natalie for Sunday Sevens


Hearts and buttons!

I rewrote one of my 15 for 2015 ideas, so that “attend three craft workshops” became “do my own craft workshops”. Last year I attended a Christmas workshop in which the tutor simply gave us the instructions from a magazine, demonstrated what to do and off we went. So for my first craft workshop at home, I did the same. Took an idea from a 2010 Women’s Weekly magazine and made these.

hearts and buttons 002

Christmas decorations which I think might work just as well as Valentine Day decorations. Hearts are about  9cms at the widest point, sew on a selection of buttons, sew two heart shapes together with blanket stitch adding stuffing and a ribbon at the top as you go. Time taken, 2-3 hours, one craft workshop at home.

Nearly ready….

I charged at today, have been here there and everywhere. And an hour ago finally hand delivered local Christmas cards, and slowly it’s dawning on me that I can now relax, I either will or won’t fit in everything I planned ,so, I can enjoy the final days of preparation for a great big fat family Christmas. The adrenalin is draining away and I feel chilled and oh so HAPPY.

I have finished the “teddy” for Master H

21.12.13 001

Thank you Jean Greenhowe for your wonderful patterns.

I made a simple , very simple table decoration

21.12.13 002

From the top

21.12.13 003

This was inspired by the materials I had to hand and a blog I read earlier this week- wish I had written down whose blog it was so I could thank them too.

One vanilla candle, in a glass pot and basket which had a hyacinth  in last year, anchored into some dry oasis, surrounded by glass beads, a string of beads and some baubles,. Simple.

21.12.13 004

And this so effective vase of baubles- vase from a flower arrangement which I was sent for  a Mother’s Day a few years ago and baubles originally used when I went on a flower arranging course for Christmas two years ago. Again inspired by a blogger whose name I didn’t record.

Thank you.

How come this turquoise came out when Mopsy Rabbit looks blue not turquoise? ?

If you are looking for inspiration for Christmas decorations let me recommend two completely different bloggers approach..

First go to Penny for some fabulous mind blowing vintage treats


Then for a different natural approach try Annie






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