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Homemade cards for March!

I am trying to make homemade cards this year for my family using supplies I already have. Mothers day is the 10 March and I am seeing my Mum before then so I have already made her this card. I am using a technique I learned many years ago and had virtually forgotten. It is called tea bag or iris folding.

End feb13 014

I used an old magazine from Craft Creations to help me with this as I couldn’t make head nor tail of my own written instructions. The moral of this tale being use your craft stash whilst you know what you are doing! I hope she likes it.

And also in March Master H will be 5. He likes football,wrestling, teddies and clothes! So here is his card.

End feb13 013

I am pretty pleased with this one. The backing paper is mulberry paper, then wrapping paper and then a homemade scarf- 6 stitches wide in K1,P1 rib to the desired length.

So now it is into those Easter cards!


Homemade cards for February

Homemade cards and gifts to my mind are the best. Over time I have amassed quite a lot of card making paraphernalia! I have challenged myself this year to making cards from materials I have already. Kicking off with Valentines Day, here is my card for you know who..

Feb cards-13 001

And Master T will be Two soon. He loves Owls, tractors and Peter Rabbit.

Feb cards-13 002

Sorry a bit blurry! Last year I sourced a series of Beatrix Potter postcards, which I have made into some cards.

Next month is Mother’s Day and Master H’s birthday. Can’t wait to get started on them!

Comments always welcome and I would love to hear if anyone has made a Valentine’s card this year.

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