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Washington DC, Medieval Wall Paintings and Me!

So what can possibly link these three? Answer below..

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The church in Pickering of St Peter and St Paul. Let’s start with Washington DC link.

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Here you can see a memorial tablet to Mary, Nicholas and Robert King. Robert and Nicholas helped and succeeded L’Enfant in surveying Washington DC.

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This brass plague underneath the tablet commemorates the connection between America and England during the Great War in 1917.

So what about the Medieval Wall Paintings? Wall paintings are not for decoration but served as an aid to understanding the Bible in times when people were illiterate and could not read the Bible- then written in Latin. During the reformation of the Church (Henry 8th, Anne Boleyn etc etc) The wall paintings were plastered over as being idolatrous. They were rediscovered in this church in 1852 by accident during renovation works. People came to see the Frescoes as they were then called. However the Vicar at the time saw them as a distraction for his congregation for his words of wisdom and caused them to be whitewashed over. The church was in a poor state of repair still and in 1876 during extensive works the whitewash was removed. On a personal note the poor state of repair of the church may explain why my Great Grand Parents were married in Scarborough rather than their local parish church.

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You can see in these paintings St George slaying his dragon and St Christopher. St Christopher is the patron saint of travelers and is usually to be found opposite the entrance to the church. Reputedly so that Travelers can poke their heads round the door, say a quick prayer for safety and be on their way without having to come right in. Who Knows?

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Interestingly there is no painting on this wall where you would expect one of  The Doom, or Last Judgement. Either it was never there or it was taken away , but there is where it should be. If you would like to see more of these paintings look here. The pictures are much better than I could ever hope to take. And if you do look at them, think about a little Cathy attending church with her parents and looking at the one of St Edmund week after week! It may explain a lot!

A novel you might also like to look out for  is A Month in the Country, by J.L.Carr. This book tells the story of the uncovering of  medieval  wall paintings and is a lovely gentle tale.

Which of course now takes you to  the Me, in the title of the post. Well I was married in this church!

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I was christened in this church at a font which is of possible Saxon origin.

And I have family buried here.

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In the oldest part of the church yard lays my Great Great Grandparents. I think alongside my Great, Great Great Grandparents , but that claim needs more research from me.  At the other end of the chruch yard one of the last burials is that of my Great Grandparents , but the stone has toppled over and it doesn’t feel right to share that sad image. My own Grandparents are in the local cemetery now as the Church Yard is Full!

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of my Church! Love to know if you have a special Church.I have two more Churches  to share with you which are of historic but not personal interest but I’ll save that for another day.

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