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Sunday Sevens!

A look at my week through seven pictures. Inspired by Sunday Sevens, Natalie at Threads and Bobbins

I braved the weather on Sunday, wind rain etc etc

7.1.16 001

to go for a walk. Well it’s flooded, humph! I turned back and went round by the station, just as a train was coming in

7.1.16 006

I really just had to take the next picture

7.1.16 002

All those wheels in a row.

Monday I packed my bag and went swimming

7.1.16 008

The plan is to go again tomorrow, Monday.

Now this week was pretty momentous, as we finally , yes finally sold my Dad’s house. I have such mixed emotions about it. I spent the week loading the car and taking things to the charity shops or the tip, or rescuing things my brother or stepbrother couldn’t bear to be parted from after all. Breaking my heart to throw away dog collars and give away Dad’s walking boots. But things must go forward, I know.

I had one last wander round his garden and in a little corner of a flower bed the first snowdrops were coming into bloom, the first that I have seen this year.

7.1.16 009

I dug this clump up, and will plant some near his grave and some in our garden. The last gift from his green fingers.

I walked through the woods at the back of his house and was rather taken with this fungi, or is it fungus?

Anyway this

7.1.16 012

It looks so tactile.

Meantime I am rather incredulous that I managed to take a cutting from a house plant last year and got it to flower for me.

9.1.16 002

Hope you had a good week, here’s to the next!


Photo Challenge- Black

I am dedicating this photo challenge to my Dear Old Dad, who died just over a year ago. I’ll explain why after the picture.


20.7.2015 003


I am still in the process of winding up Dad’s affairs, including the sale of his house. Each week I go round there to check everything is fine, and have a wander round the garden to see what’s what and that it still looks pretty. Here I acknowledge the skill and care of the two gardeners who come in weekly and keep the garden looking just as Dad liked. A couple of weeks ago I wandered past the apple tree and then I noticed something which I had forgotten all about. Just before he had become ill he had received ten blackcurrant plants as a free gift ,alongside the seeds that he had ordered. The gardener had planted them into the otherwise now near empty vegetable plot. Now I don’t know if they were too late to fruit last year or if I simply didn’t look , but I know that I picked the beans that were in the vegetable plot, so surely I would have noticed? Anyway, gleaming in the sun, I spotted the bushes for the first time, absolutely laden with blackcurrants. I have picked so many now. We have ten containers full in the freezer, had a blackcurrant meringue pie, and given them away to neighbours. On Sunday, I made for the first time ever, a double crust pie. It’s leaked at the top and Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would not be impressed, although it didn’t have a soggy bottom. And I feel very proud of myself.

20.7.2015 015

It’s Dad’s last gift to me, Thanks Dad.

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