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Keep Calm, craft on!

I’d like to thank everyone who left a comment on my last post. Your kindness helps me along the way.

We all grieve in our own way and for me there have been times for reflection, for sorrow, for laughs at happy memories and for a need to keep busy. Gardening is great , but we have had such horrid wet days recently that I am so grateful that I craft. I found two craft projects have really helped me these last two weeks. One project was half done and required concentration but not thought, more of that another day.

The other is the simplest of crochet projects. Mr B and Ms G are using their new found transport to explore their area and enjoy picnics, and no couple should be without their own special blanket for under the trees. I offered to make them a crochet blanket and they said Yes Please…. unlike the bad baby and the elephant…

I consulted them as to colour. Mr B said Yellow and Blue…football team colours. Ms G said Pink. So yellow, blue and pink it is. A simple granny square, no thought needed , just the comfort of yarn in my hands and a creation from love.

17.6.14 004

Now the question is, Is that ball of pink yarn too pink for inclusion. The blue is very dark navy.

And finally some good news. My niece is expecting Baby Three, I could not be more happier.

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