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In which we play “I spy Nature

and name the flower, bird etc.  The following were all taken on my outings  for Go Wild. Are you ready to play? You may want to make a drink first….

Taken in woodland, late May.Name this insect.

My best guess is click beetle. Any advance on that?

Name which bird laid this egg, also found in woodland.

I reckoned pheasant.

This one is easier, name the flower, spotted in shade under trees, very late May.

Common Dog Violet, I think.

Another easy one, found in the same place


Bit harder, what do you reckon?

I think bugle but, I am by no means sure. I realised quite early on this month that you need to take into account so many things to make an identification, petal shape, number of petals, height of plant, leaf shape etc

How are you on fungus. This was growing on a silver birch tree.

I wondered if it is hoof fungus which grows on birch trees, but according to my book only in the Scottish Highlands, and this was in a wood near the North York Moors.

To birds, this on was on a village green sheltering from the rain.

I wondered if it was some sort of domestic duck from a farm. No idea really, but kind of cute.

Next picture taken at Whitby, and now I have become more knowledgable I can say with all certainty this is a

Herring Gull- the clue is in tha tail. Go me!

But how are you on seaweed. Growing on what must be part of an old breakwater , name this seaweed.

Not really up on seaweed, is it knotted wrack?

Never mind, an easier one next, name this bird.

Taken at Fountains Abbey, it is a Jackdaw. Apparently he told me he is quite partial to biscuit crumbs, I guess that’s what my bird book means by “has an opportunist diet.”

Now we are onto a walk I took last week. It took me through fields and woods towards a lake and a bird hide. Coming up next is a creature we hardly get the chance to see, indeed this is the first time I ever saw one. It’s very sad  that unfortunately because he lives underground the only way I was probably ever getting to see one was because he was sadly no longer with us, he is an X. So I hope you feel prepared enough for the next picture, or scroll right on down past him.

Mr Mole and so cute and so much smaller than I expected.

Moving swiftly on, and how are you doing?

Back to insects, and this one you can play I spy too.

Can you see him, just above that blade of grass. He is on a piece of fungus growing on a tree stump.

I have no idea really but wondered about a stag beetle.

Back to flowers you will be pleased to know.

Common Spotted orchid I reckon.

How about this one?

Is it Toadflax? I really don’t know.

Back to fungus, we’re nearly done, just one more to go after this.

Growing on a birch tree, is it Birch Polpore?

Time for I spy again.. My camera and I really aren’t up to this.

Found on a farm track alongside a river, I think it’s a dragonfly, but I am probably wrong.

So that’s the end of my little game which I hope you enjoyed. I have just one more picture to share, which I took from the bird hide by the lake. I sat and had a huff and puff for a while and could see precious little, but I could hear a plaintive cheeping from just nearby in the reeds.

My eye was finally caught on the far bank of the pond by a flash and a splash, so I waited and waited and eventually was rewarded by the sight of a large fish leap through the water and land with a huge splosh. Was it a trout? I don’t know, but I waited a while longer, and I could still hear cheeping.

Eventually over the pond came two ducks, one female followed by a male, they swam right to the hide and then turned to swim back and out swam a duckling, cheeping away and off went the little family. A minute or so later out popped another duckling who set off in hot pursuit.

Hide and seek do you think?

Now it’s only the 25 June, what else can I fit in this month?







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