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Sew, Bake,Knit and Natter Friday!

Coming down slowly from the Wedding and from a week away in Sussex. Can’t believe how much extra sleep I have required this week. Must be getting old.

Anyway lots to catch up with. Little Miss F got cold whilst we were in Oxfordshire setting up the reception. As it just so happened I had given her Mum the pink jumper I had knitted for her, so it got its first outing in July.

Bit big, but there we are. Her hair is in plaits so she could have Mermaid hair at the wedding.

Anyway wedding over and we went down to Sussex to visit some old haunts. I was interested to visit the museum in Horsham where I had once been a volunteer in the late 1970s.

My role was to lurk upstairs and make sure no visitors mis-behaved. I explained this to the lady on the desk, she thought lurking a good task, but not required anymore. Replaced by CCTV! Well really!

I was most intrigued by a display of gingerbread moulds, which in my excitement I didn’t photo.  It transpires that thanks to the poet Shelley there is such a thing as Horsham Gingerbread. Being flushed with success from making gingerbread for my grand children I was most interested. So I sampled some they just so happened to have in the shop. The texture is completely different to modern-day gingerbread as it contains oats. Oats? Anyway I am now going to try out as many gingerbread recipes as I can lay my hands on. I still don’t really know why they used moulds and not cutters. How did they get them out of the moulds? I have only tried to get jelly out of a mould and let’s say it wasn’t exactly a triumph in the cooking department.

However, I did take some pictures which you might enjoy.

Little sewing display with Singer Sewing Machine and

would you look at the Swan pin cushion. I think it a bit sad that it sits in a display cabinet when someone, me for example, could be using it.

And a fire screen to stop the ladies having red faces.

I loved the embroidery.

More from Sussex next time. Back home it was time to tackle my nemeses otherwise known as scary zip, now to be renamed as Much Ado about Nothing! I watched some You Tube  videos.

Sat myself in front of the sewing machine. Had a stern talking to myself in which I reminded myself that zips were not rocket science, deep breath and 5 minutes later, just what was all the fuss about?

Not too shabby for only the second zip I have sewn ever, and the first 49 years ago.

So just a waist band and a hem and then job done. I think I probably took the instruction to sew close to the teeth a bit too literally, but it goes up and down, what more do I want.

I decided to make my next knitting project the bright coloured jumper for Master T. The front is done.

I think this one might be bright enough and will fit him this Winter.

Plans for next week include, doing the back of the jumper, finishing the skirt and maybe a little cross stitch. There is a slight hurdle. I need a hook and eye for the waist band. As it happens I have an eye test later this morning, so will be near a shop that sells hooks and eyes, and yarn and fabric and all manner of crafty goodies. I MUST be Strong, and buy  no more yarn!

So over to you, do you have a special gingerbread recipe,ideas for how you get it out of moulds? What are your weekend plans? How do you resist the pull of yarn/fabric?

Be Happy!




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