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June Garden.

June has been an odd month weather wise. Hot and sunny, then cold and dreary for a fortnight, then sunny and warm and now we have sunshine and showers. Plants flower and then are over quickly, not like the winter when the snowdrops are around for 6 weeks. And don’t the weeds just love it!

So gardening time has been about weeding and planting and enjoying the flowers as they come.

8.6.16 001

The irises and poppies

8.6.16 004

both of which needed dead heading today.

13.6.16 003

These lovely Lupins which were a gift from my son Mr T. He grew them from seed a couple of years ago. These too have been dead headed and more flowers are now on their way.

13.6.16 022

I gave this mock orange to Mr E 14 years ago. It was one of his Mums’ favourites. I have picked several branches and had them in the house where they smelled delicious. Yesterday was a warm day so the windows were open and on the breeze came their wonderful fragrance.

8.6.16 002

The tadpoles are doing so well this year.We must have hundreds. I have tried taking a picture of them but I’m not certain that either me or the camera is up to the task, hope you can see some of them.

Just after I wrote last time the blue tits fledged, and then we watched the robins in and out of their nest, which was in the ivy on the garage wall- see Lupins picture. They fledged this week. When the blackbirds hatched sometime in the middle of the month we were treated to no less than three Mum birds taking a well earned bath in our bird bath. They really looked as if they were enjoying it! They too have fledged now. I also have a water bowl on the grass for the birds to drink from.

8.6.16 026

And here’s a picture of the Head Gardener at work by the rose arch!

8.6.16 029

Now to get back to planting out the dahlias so beloved of Mr E.

Hope you have a great time outside this month.


Rhubarb and Ginger Jam and a bunch of WEEDS??

Isn’t it great when the garden produces such a surplus that you can start Jam Making.

This is the first time ever I have been able to make Rhubarb and Ginger Jam.

I followed a recipe from my much loved and battered Good Housekeeping book.

Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

1.1kg (2 1/2lb) rhubarb-prepared weight,chopped

1.1kg(2 1/2lb) sugar

juice of two lemons

25g (1 oz) root ginger

100g (4 oz) preserved stem ginger,chopped

1 Place rhubarb in a large bowl in alternate layers with the sugar and lemon juice. Cover and leave overnight

2 Next day, peel and bruise the root ginger slightly with a weight or rolling pin and tie it in a piece of muslin. Put the rhubarb mixture in a preserving pan with the muslin bag, bring to the boil and boil rapidly for 15minutes, stirring frequently.

3Remove the muslin bag and add the stem ginger and boil for a further 5 minutes until you have reached set point. Remove any scum with a slotted spoon.

4 Pot and cover. Makes about 2kg(4 1/2lb)

2.6.2013 009

So what’s behind my lovely jam?

2.6.2013 008

Gorgeous bluebells, aquilegias, forget me knots and a little hedge parsley. They smell delicious-  of warmth and honey. And all from my garden. Aren’t these just lovely I ask Mr E.” Humph a bunch of weeds !”, says he. Whose right then?

2.6.2013 010

2.6.2013 011

Him or me?

Anyone for tea then- brown bread, butter, jam and Earl Grey?

Linking into Handmade Harbour today.



The sweetest little rabbit ever!

This morning first thing, still blurry eyed and in need of the first cup of tea for the day, I looked through the back door  and saw what I thought was an old grey ball. A rub of the eyes later and I saw it was a baby rabbit. Quick quick Camera!

rabbit 16.5.13 001

He then proceeded to come towards the door to a pile of grass deposited by the lawnmower last night.

rabbit 16.5.13 005

Which he ate!

rabbit 16.5.13 004

Then he came even closer to where the hose was lying by the garden tap, and he drank a couple of drips. I couldn’t take a picture as he was right up against the wall. Replete, he took off round the corner and disappeared under a lilac tree. He has made my day! Thanks little rabbit.

Hope something special has made your day too! Love to know if it has.

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