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The less forlorn patch

I was reminded the other day that I hadn’t written about the fettling of the forlorn patch for a while. Last time I wrote the garden looked like a building site and the summer house had sustained an injury to the door- the glass had broken and a hinge was off.

I advertised for people to come and fix it on various well known websites to get a quote from good people. Four people responded. Number one, wouldn’t answer his phone or call back, Number two failed to turn up to quote, number three gave three quotes at high prices, number four gave a sensible quote but failed to come and do the job. HUMPH.

Then one day whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea I hear a strange noise in the hall.

that really is Mr E rolling out lead strips removed from the broken glass with a bottle of elderflower or some such beverage. It didn’t work!

But he did fix the hinge on the door- an engineers approach rather than a carpenters approach was required- but credit where it’s due- the door opens and closes.

see hinge bottom right- an engineers fix

Next step

actually sheer genius!

Perspex sheet with gaffer tape cut into strips to mimic lead.

Summer house nice and dry again.

Meantime two deep beds have been installed.

veg beds

The seeds Miss F and I planted have flourished.

not bad for a 25p packet of seeds

A month since I took this picture and they are still flowering. We don’t have a greenhouse yet, and the hillock on the old rockery is still there- both will wait till the Spring now I guess. But I have planted some bulbs and wallflowers and

a little splash of colour.

Things are a little less forlorn out there !


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