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Friday Fences!

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I was asked this week about my rationale behind Friday Fences. When I stumbled upon the host blog of Friday Fences I just fell in love with the idea. But why?  Well , I am by nature interested  (curious) in people and life. I like riding on the top of double decker buses, that slow crawl trains do through suburbs past allotments, gardens and houses and I like cars that are high enough to see over the top of hedges. I like seeing the other side of a wall. One’s imagination can run wild! So a fence is perfect as you can see through them. Each fence has a purpose and a story to tell. Some are ram-shackled, some beautiful and some just functional. But each has something to say to me. Other folks  just like the aesthetics of a well constructed fence and the photograph they can create.  So do check out the other fences on the link above. And if you have a fence to share, why I was made most welcome by the other fence enthusiasts.

So for this week I share this with you..

Nick's wedding 012

OK so it’s railings on a bridge over the Costa beck, but it does fence off the river from walkers. But  why choose this one..

Nick's wedding 011

Well that’s the start of the fence. Observe the first section. Growing up in the 50s and 60s there were no leisure centres or gyms and schools were poorly equipped, at least here in Ryedale. So these railings became for me and my friend Jane the perfect place for turning somersaults over and trying out balancing acts!! We were very lucky in other ways, as the world was a safer place and we got to play out all day with no adult anxiously watching over us. Some things in life have not got better!

Love to hear any of your child hood memories- do please share and check out the other fences too.



Friday Fences

Here’s this week’s fence!

Nick's wedding 031

Hard at work building houses on the site of the much lamented agricultural college which also was the venue for sewing classes!

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Friday Fences!

After last weeks pointless fence I have a very useful fence(S!) to share this week.

Nick's wedding 033

All down the road are these

Nick's wedding 032

outside every house for 1/4 mile!

I was so entranced by them I stopped to talk to one of the workmen and share my joy. He told me gleefully that when they had finished on this side of the road, they were going to move all the fences to the other side!


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Friday Fences!

I have a favourite field with the tree in it that I am taking a picture of each month to map the changing year. The tree is in a valley, with a school field at one side and a field of sheep on the other. Clearly there needs to be a fence. In fact it is a double fence.

Nick's wedding 024

But effective?

Nick's wedding 026

Mama sheep is the wrong side! That’s her lamb on the right  bleating “What the****?

Nick's wedding 025

The grass it seems was greener, or was she a sheep who didn’t want to be fenced in! What do you reckon!

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Friday Fences!

I love the concept of looking for fences to photograph- somehow it just appeals to me.What I hadn’t realized was how it was going to enable me to look and think more about my surroundings. As a result some of the best and most interesting pictures I took in Santorini occurred because I was looking for Fences. Here are the first 4.

santorini 2013 002

A fence on a house near our appartment.

santorini 2013 004

Goats in the town where we stayed!

santorini 2013 014

Outside a church in Fira.

santorini 2013 032

A garden in Fira.

What I like is that they are all fences and yet range from the practical to the decorative and from domestic to public!

More to come next week.Linking in with Jan and Jer at Friday Fences

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