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Sensory Thoughts- Taste!

Ah Taste. Such a personal sense, what one person likes another loathes. Are you a Marmite lover or hater. I love Marmite as does one of my boys. The other two hate it.

Does food really not taste as good as it used too or is it age changing our taste buds? Certainly children find flavours  stronger than do older people. But I think there is something to be said for food not tasting as it did, certainly in my childhood. Has anyone been watching the BBC programme about food and changing diets since the war? The children in this programme complained that the food was bland in the 50s, no spices , or added chemicals and very little sugar. But does all that added flavouring just mask poor quality food? I think food may well have been blander then but it tasted of what it was supposed to be and not what some food scientist thought it should be.

Last year on holiday I ate chicken which had been reared by the restauranteur on his farm. And oh MY did it taste good. It tasted of chicken. Like it used too!

And who can deny that food from the garden or allotment just tastes , well better, more of itself. Warm tomatoes straight from the greenhouse, bliss. Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries or bilberries from the wild,¬† or the garden, just can’t be beaten by the commercial equivalent flown in from abroad in an unripen state.

Proper Butter, not some horrible spread. Mmmmmmm. On toast or jacket potato.

Homemade lemon curd, I know I have eulogized about this before, but it is divine. And it reminds me of my Granny.

Homemade lemonade. On a hot summers day. DElicious.

Proper Pork Crackling! Need I say more.

Happy times are also remembered in the food we eat.

Holidays in Greece don’t begin till I have had my first iced coffee overlooking a fishing harbour. Then I relax.

My sons tell me one of the things they best remember from our camping holidays , were the chocolate Penguin biscuits they had with an early drink on the first morning, when we needed to decamp and get on the road again. The South of France is a long way for little boys in a car!

And do you find that as you eat something it starts off conversations of the “Do you remember the best… we ever had was…” The conversation we have year after year regards fish and chips. The best ones we ever had was in Hayfield in the Peak District. We had gone for a walk. It was WET and very very windy. We got about 1/5 th along the way before we gave up. Soaked to the skin and miserable we had over an hour to wait for the bus home. So we retired to a cafe. That fish and chip lunch and pot of tea has never been surpassed. Was it the food or the weather? I don’t know but we have never forgotten how good it was.

Children eat the weirdest things as they try to find out the edible from the inedible. In my case I apparently had a penchant for coal. But as I can’t remember it I deny it.

And in pregnancy our tastes change.Mr T was all about tinned peaches , the other two had me craving fudge. I don’t like tinned peaches much! Now fudge is a different matter.

My best weird taste of all has to be salt water. Not any salt water. But that lovely saltiness of the sea on your skin after a day on the beach.

What do you think? Does food taste better with added flavourings? Which is your favourite herb- mine has to be tarragon, or maybe dill, or then there is oregano.  Do you have a favourite food memory? Or what weird taste do you like?

Thank you for reading. Hot cross bun day today. With real butter mmmmmm!



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