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SAL- January 2016

New Year and a new project for the SAL. I am stitching a kit I have had for a while. It’s Flower Fairies- Geranium

17.1.16 008

The kit is by DMC. First task was to sort the threads. Now some people love this first stage, I really dislike it. Trying to figure out lightest yellow green from pale yellow and palest green. AAgh! Doing it in the evening is not a good idea. This stage really does need daylight, and in this instance I needed to reference my two boxes of DMC threads to marry up just which thread was which. But everyhting was sorted in the end, so

Let the stitching begin..

17.1.16 009

A small beginning. It’s on 16 count Aida, which I find harder to stitch than 14 count, more holes per inch. I have also found I can only stitch this in daylight. Once the curtains are drawn, even with my stalwart light over my left shoulder, I just can’t get the stitches as neat as I like. Progress will be slow till we get longer afternoons. However I have noticed that the days are getting longer, It’s 4.30 now before its getting dark, at Christmas I was closing the curtains at 3.45. Spring is on its way, says she with a dusting of snow in the garden as she types!

Ever the optimist.

Joining with the following amazing group of fellow stitchers.


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Do stop by their blogs, there are some gorgeous projects going on.

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