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InSpired Sunday!

Today’s inspiration comes from St Mary’s church and Holy Apostles Scarborough.

29.10.14 001

Two reasons for me to visit here. My Great Grandparents were married here. Now this was a mystery to me as neither lived in Scarborough at the time. Then I discovered that the church in Pickering where I would have expected them to marry was in a state of disrepair and undergoing renovations when they wed. So  I think it is safe to put two and two together…

The reason everyone else might visit lies in the graveyard , which was just as well as the church was locked. Always annoyed when that happens.

29.10.14 002

Anne Bronte the less known if the Bronte Sisters is buried here. Anne had come to Scarborough after the death of Emily in search of good clean sea air at the Spa resort. Sadly it didn’t work and she died in Scarborough from the same consumption that took Emily.

29.10.14 003

This plague at the foot of the grave reproduces the  writing on the worn grave stone

29.10.14 007

The clock looks huge to me, I wonder how far it can be seen from.

29.10.14 004

The church from Anne Bronte’s resting place.

29.10.14 006

The view of Scarborough castle from the churchyard.

29.10.14 005

Wonderful sea view in this direction

29.10.14 008

And this.

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PS and sshh, I actually prefer Anne’s two books to the rather over the top melodramas of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights!



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