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Jervaulx Abbey

We bunked off gardening on Wednesday this week, packed a picnic and headed off to Wensleydale. I’ll tell you about our first port of call in a later post, for now let’s visit our second destination. Jervaulx Abbey. Unlike the other lovely Abbeys hereabouts, this Abbey remains in private hands. Admission is by honesty box, car park is paid also into an honesty box. The Abbey remains beautiful and tranquil, usually! We didn’t pick up a guide book, but just enjoyed this wonderful place. Which is my way of saying I can’t tell you what is what, you can just stroll through the ruins and enjoy. Turner visited here and his sketches can be seen in the Tate, I’ll begin with where he made those sketches.

Middleham castle June 2015 039


Middleham castle June 2015 031

Just Gorgeous

Middleham castle June 2015 037

Don’t you think

Middleham castle June 2015 033

Intriguing nooks and

Middleham castle June 2015 035

crannies and stairs to nowhere

Middleham castle June 2015 034

Now I said this place is supposed to be tranquil, but not when we were there, never have I heard such a cacophony as I did from these guys

Middleham castle June 2015 030

waiting by the gate where their mamas were being attended to by the farmer before being returned to these lambs. The noise was horrendous. Only one thing for it, to the tearooms. Now I can’t share the wildflower honey cake with you, I ate it. It was very nice. For more info on the Abbey look here

For more lovely churches not in ruins, linking with Inspired Sunday here






Inspired Sunday!

Took the opportunity of a dentist’s appointment to go into York. First there was a stroll through the museum gardens past this abbey

3.6.15 004

or should I say the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey which was dissolved during Henry the 8ths reign.

Thence to the lovely church very close by of St Olave, St Olaf, patron saint of Norway. originally built in 1055, 11 years before William the conqueror came from Normandy.

3.6.15 010

Entrance is from the North side, just outside the gardens.

The font dates from1860

3.6.15 011

Around the walls are plaques depicting the stations of the cross,presented in 1964

3.6.15 012

The Altar dates from the 17th century.

3.6.15 013

Looking down the church

3.6.15 014

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Salisbury Cathedral

Theo birthday Feb 2015 059

The most magnificent of the churches we visited in February was Salisbury cathedral. No wonder John Constable painted it 25 times!

Theo birthday Feb 2015 042

This is the North Nave.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 043

I love the ceiling.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 054

And this is the font designed by William Pye and installed in 2008 for the 750th anniversary. It’s at times like this I wish I could take better pictures, but I will keep trying.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 044

This is the window in the North Transept.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 045

Now the cathedral was preparing for a big Magna Carta exhibition later in the year and I was disappointed not to have been there at the right time. However there was this replica on show, and according to the guide I spoke too she can’t tell the replica from the original!

Theo birthday Feb 2015 046

And these are the clasps which held it.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 049

the windows are magnificent throughout, I just love the blues in this one.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 052

This is the tomb of William Longespee 1226, the first person to be buried in the cathedral. He was half brother to King John and advised him during the drawing up of the Magna Carta.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 058

Outside there are still cloisters, a lovely place to stroll and think.

More information on the cathedral here and on John Constable here

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St John and St Mary Devizes

Lightening stop on our tour of Wiltshire.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 017

The best I could manage of the tower

Theo birthday Feb 2015 020

and the graveyard

Theo birthday Feb 2015 019

Loved the carvings on this cross.

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St Peter’s Marlborough

We had the pleasure of visiting this lovely church last month whilst we were in Wiltshire. St Peter’s church is no longer used as a place of worship, but instead has become a place for local crafts people to sell their goods and for a cafe. Sadly we had just had coffee so did not sample their wares. Much of the interior remains and it’s major claim to fame is as the church where Cardinal Wolsey ( Henry 8th) was ordained as a priest in 1498.

Let’s go

Theo birthday Feb 2015 014

the windows by the Altar really caught my attention

Theo birthday Feb 2015 003

but not as much as the tiles did

Theo birthday Feb 2015 004

even the wall was painted

Theo birthday Feb 2015 008

Theo birthday Feb 2015 007

loved this too

Theo birthday Feb 2015 006

and this

Theo birthday Feb 2015 009

and here are the craft stalls

Theo birthday Feb 2015 010

I was amazed that I made no impulse purchases, but it was very hard.

Back outside for a final view

Theo birthday Feb 2015 011

Turns out that had I been three days later then I would have bumped into a fellow blogger. Lucky for me she contacted me last week when she was up North and we finally met. Go here to find out what happened when Cathy met Rachel and the trout!!

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InSpired Sunday!

Back on my own home turf again this week. This church is in the village of Ellerburn,North Yorkshire and I had a specific reason for visiting. Whilst clearing out Dad’s house I came across a piece of paper with a list of grave memorials from this church and one name jumped out at me , a Jane Stephenson, aged 92, who it seems was my great great great grandmother, and I had no idea of her burial site. Quite why Dad had the list I don’t know since he professed to know nothing of this side of his family, or did he?

Here’s the church at Ellerburn.

Ellerburn Aug 14 007

Now I couldn’t get into the church itself which didn’t bother me unduly as it has a bat problem and personally I don’t like bats one little bit.

I was interested in the church yard. I noted that this church had a novel approach to keeping the grass tidy. SHEEP!

Ellerburn Aug 14 011

Which is all well and good but the gate was padlocked and I couldn’t explore.

Ellerburn Aug 14 012

and you can’t get in which ever way you try. I shall just have to keep going back till the sheep have gone.

Meantime I contented myself with some rather nice stone carvings

Ellerburn Aug 14 008

Ellerburn Aug 14 009

which are rather lovely. Linking in with Inspired Sunday

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