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15 for 2015- December

Inspired by Laura at Made in Oxford I set myself some goals for 2015. Looking at the post I wrote to go with them when I drew up the list I think I knew then that my family was not through the darkest of days. I clearly knew that I would need the support of others, that I would have a temptation to hunker down and would need to push myself to do nice things for myself and others. The list was achievable and fun and did indeed get me through 2015, so I could support others and come out of the other side , ready for 2016. I get ahead of myself. Here’s the last update for 2015.

15 minutes walk x 4 times a week, I eventually felt that I lacked ambition on this one but in the early days going out for 15 minutes was an achievement.

14 bags to a charity shop- When my Dad died and we put his house on the market I knew the temptation would be to fetch too much home and become a hoarder who couldn’t get in the front door for stuff. Little did I know it would take so long to sell his house. Fingers crossed we actually do so very very soon. I have 6 more bags from his house ready to go to charity shops as I write, but decided a couple of weeks ago to do the unthinkable. I took a bag of yarn to a charity shop asking for wool. It hurt! Deep down I knew it was surplus to my requirements, but still it hurt and when Mr E said WHY ARE YOU TAKING WOOL? it was all I could do to go through the doors and hand it over.

13 animal photos. Easy to take pictures of animals, but hard to take good ones. I achieved this quite early on , but kept going because it was such fun. My favourite is on the Page “15 for 2015,” but it was hard choosing just one. The family of ducklings were just so sweet,  this one really made me laugh a dog at the Malton Food Festival.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 008

He so wanted to Jump, the food on the stall below smelt so delicious.

12 meeting ups with friends and family- I really appreciated how good it was just to be with other people and not just sitting at home worrying about stuff. And I got to meet fellow blogger Rachel from The Little Room of Rachell.

11 New savoury recipes tried– well I tried 11 and some more. However I had a tendency to change ingredients or add them according to our taste with the result that they tasted like inferior versions of meals we already liked. Only one was a total disaster.

10 handwritten letters sent- and of course ten letters written back to me, which was just lovely.

9 handmade cards made and sent- loved doing this and the recipients said nice things about them.

8 Sewing or embroidery projects done. Loved this one too. Here are the hand stitched gifts that went to my secret Santa partner.

25.11.15 002

A little box onto which I embroidered a woodland scene. This was my favourite piece all year long as it came straight from my heart.

25.11.15 004

A lavender heart which I also embroidered.

25.11.15 006

I made this little box into which I put

25.11.15 007

a Dorset button brooch.

7 new yarns tried. I failed here, only trying two , mostly because I couldn’t find any but also because I make garments for children and their Mums/Dads like them to be machine washable.

6 Trips to museums/theatre/ cinema etc. Just wonderful to go out for the day and see new places, so often prompted on where to go by the Photo Challenge. So glad I have got to collaborate with three others on the 52 week photo challenge for 2016.

5 projects for charity. Completed this one this month with a blanket for memory boxes for bereaved parents.23.12.15 002

Still a bit curly and in need of more blocking.

4 new walks- achieved but not as long as I’d hoped for, due to damaging my heel in Greece. By the way it doesn’t hurt so much now except if  I stand on it for a long time. Hopefully longer walks will be possible soon.

3 Craft workshops- well I couldn’t find any I fancied so instead I built on ones I had attended before and did three projects inspired by workshops from previous years.

2 New cities visited- not the two I expected, mostly due to not being able to link my schedule to others. Salisbury was wonderful.

1 railway journey- not the one I expected, but I did travel by train, twice in both directions. And it was a good experience. Always next year.

0 impulse purchases- I wrote very thorough shopping lists all year!! But still failed and it was Charity Shops wot did it! Jugs , books and magazines. Could have been worse.

So here ends 2015.Have a very good New Years’ Eve and see you in 2016





15 for 2015-March

How the months are passing. Hard to believe we are a quarter of the year gone already. Winter has passed to Spring, and March winds are oh so true today. The dustbins have blown over and a bird feeder broke overnight.

So how have I got on with my 15 for 2015. Slowly!

15 minutes walk x 4 times a  week. Yes, accomplished again this month. I should have set the bar higher I think.

14 bags to a charity shop. I took four today, whoopee. That makes 5 in total.

13 animal photos. OH MY! Now I know why one should never work with children or animals. Animals look very photogenic one moment and the next , well blow me down they move!! But there have been a few good occasions for animal photos.

Snow March 2015 024

The hunt exercising the hounds in the snow.

Snow March 2015 014

I took about 20 shots of chickens this month and this is the best one!!!

ellerburn Feb 15 027

I love this dog keeping guard, and he does have a big woof! I think I may have alarmed him?

ellerburn Feb 15 032

One farm cat! There were three but all I got of the other two was tails or empty spaces. I think this one sat still to get rid of me!

Snow March 2015 008

Horse eating hay. It would not turn round and even when I went the other side of it , it turned its back on me. OK I can take the hint.

Snow March 2015 015

Never try taking white geese in snow, this is what you get. Look closely.

ellerburn Feb 15 035

Now he is my best shot this month. I am only counting four of these pictures towards my total. That makes 6, but could do better.

12 meetings with friends. I met my lovely blogging friend Rachel

11 Savoury recipes. Now this has been a revelation to me this month. I have made two new Jamie Oliver  recipes. A pasta and pepper dish and a chicken korma. Both scrummy and added to my repertoire. And Mushrooms  in a Stilton and garlic  cream.  I made two portions in  ramekin dishes and served with homemade bread. We had it for lunch but it would make a super starter. Now this is so delicious that here is a link to the recipes from the  BBC.

In looking for new recipes I have had out all my cookery books and found recipes I tried once, liked but not tried again. So I have cooked lots of dinners from my once only recipes. And in spending more time choosing, researching, shopping for ingredients and cooking the dinners, I have really started to enjoy cooking our evening meal. When I worked it was a real chore night after night, what shall we have, what have we got etc etc. I have now actually found myself looking forward to 5pm when I start to make dinner.

Anyway total of new recipes tried this year 5. And mushrooms consumed in Stilton sauce- three lunches!

10 handwritten letters. Still just one. When I have some cheerful news it will be easier to put pen to paper.

9 Handmade cards. Two birthday cards and a mothers day card. 7 altogether. I think this will be the first of my 15 ticked off.

8 Sewing or embroidery projects.

9.3.15 004

I finally completed this cross stitch picture, called “As far as we go”. A DMC kit, began more than a little while ago. ( Maybe 6 years!!)

25.3.15 004

And a little ribbon embroidery kit. Purchased from Crafty Ribbons more years ago than I care to own up too. (2003!!!)

That makes three.

7 new yarns. No just the one still.

6 Trips to museums, art galleries, theatres, etc.  I went to the local craft show which was surprisingly good and even bought a birthday present for Ms G, but this was not what I had in mind when I began this list, so doesn’t count.

5 Projects for charity. Well I volunteered for another charity project via the blog world, but no-one came back to me. Second time I offered my skills to no avail. Struggling with this one.

4 new walks- still just the one

3 craft workshops- no

2 New cities- just Salisbury last month

1 railway journey- no

0 impulse purchases- so far so good!

Love to hear if you have made progress on any goals you set yourself this year.

Easter is just round the corner, hoping for better things and some good news next month.

Thanks for reading.




I think we are all busy this month, certainly if you are a crafter it is time for a bit of overdrive. Here’s what I have been up to this last week.

I went to a half day workshop for Christmas decorations. It was a little disappointing in that we only got to make item but it is quite sweet. A ribbon Christmas tree.

1.12.14 003

Basically a polystyrene  cone with folds of ribbon pinned in. The strips are 6 cms long and pinned by holding the long edges right sides one on top of each other. Approx 3 metres in two colours needed for  a 14cm cone.Mine is only 12cm so I adjusted the amounts.

Next I have started to fill the little baskets I bought at the stitching show with rosebuds and decorating the lid with a ribbon and button. I shall be using my homegrown lavender in the screaming boxes.

1.12.14 004

From the top

1.12.14 005

And finally I completed the tunic I was knitting for Miss F which is miles too big and won’t be her size for another year I think!!

1.12.14 001

If you have enjoyed my Creative Embroidery posts and the Stitched Project I have started a new blog for them . I posted my November Stitching project on there which you can find at avoicethroughstitchhere

And now I am heading to Handmade Harbour for crafty inspiration.

Love to know what you have been making this week.

Autumn leaf project update

First of all a big thank you to everyone who helped me out with comments on my Autumn Leaf stitching project last month. Your suggestions were really helpful. So what did I do? Well, I painted up some more yellow fabric and made some more leaves. I then used machine embroidery to quilt the piece and  added veins to the bigger leaves. Then I made it into a cushion. I do like a cushion!!

Here we go -adding the big new leaf to the centre.

25.11.2014 013

Adding the leaf veins

25.11.2014 015

You can see the machine embroidery too. I really really loved doing this part, I went over and over the fabric loving the texture I was creating.

25.11.2014 014

A little yellow leaf. and the final cushion

25.11.2014 012

I learned such a lot from making this.  I did machine embroidery and it wasn’t scary, it was fun. Design.. have I finally learned that I should plan things put properly before plunging in. This is still on the messy side,too much is well too much!  I don’t think I have finished with autumn leaves by a lone chalk, but less is more.

Mr E still didn’t ask about the pile of leaves in the fireplace. They remained looking lovely, as a result of pressing them between newspapers. I burnt them ceremoniously when I stitched the last stitch. And he hasn’t said a word about the new cushion… being polite or merely unobservant?

Meantime I have started , well am starting a new blog called A voice through stitch which you can access by hoovering over my name top right hand  corner. Or by clicking here I will be posting my next Stitching Project on there very soon. I felt that these rather personal stitching responses to the world around me don’t quite fit in my NanaCathy blog hence the new blog. As always I am technically challenged with what I am trying to do , but hopefully the new blog will be ok. Love it if you went for a visit in the next week or so when I make my first stitch post. Thanks.

Once again thanks for the comments on my autumn leaves and if you care to leave another, well that would make me very happy.


Stitching Journal- October

October has been mild and a little damp. However, I have enjoyed many an autumn walk, collecting some leaves which I dried and have used as inspiration for this months Stitching Project.

blackberries.Oct 14 010

I love the way these leaves look en masse.  So I began by painting ,using fabric paints ,onto a piece of washed calico. I applied bondaweb. Then I cut out leaf shapes, placed them onto my backing fabric and started to sew. I was after an effect like the photograph above.

31.10.14 010

Now the overall effect is not to my liking yet.

31.10.14 011

Individually I like the leaves

31.10.14 013

but the middle bit lacks definition

31.10.14 014

My thought is that it needs a yellow leaf in the middle.So do I paint up more fabric and make a large leaf like the colours here

31.10.14 012

or do I use this yellow fabric for a leaf?

31.10.14 015

Or do I just leave it alone ( pun not intended!) Do I apply wadding to the back and quilt? Do I just try to define some of the leaf shapes more, add some veins? Really would appreciate all thoughts and comments.

Linking with Lola Nova


Felt Embroidery Update!

Back in my August Stitching project I shared my attempt at embroidering on handmade felt , all inspired by my slightly unusual love of moss. I wasn’t happy at the result. Two things happened. I followed up the advice to try needlefelting  and I went to a local Art exhibition. At this event a well known local amateur artist had entered a felt landscape of a local beauty spot. And she was offering it for sale at £45. I don’t want to say anything about this , except I went home and thought my attempt maybe wasn’t as bad as I thought!

Having made three needlefelt birds I attacked my moss felt with the needle, and this firmed it all up very nicely. Next I neatened up the edges. And now I am slowly embroidering onto the surface,and I am really enjoying the process.

So now I am ready to share my progress.

31.10.14 005

Beginning to look a little better.

Some details.

31.10.14 006

Chain stitch

31.10.14 007

I’ve added some pre felt and buttonhole stitched over it

31.10.14 008

Buttonhole circles

31.10.14 009

You can see on this picture that where  the felt has been needlefelted it is much firmer and dense . I shall keep going with this after all.

Thanks for all comments last time and the suggestion to needlefelt.All thoughts are very welcome. And just in case anyone wonders, I have not asked for Mr E’s input!!

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