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Homespun embroidered Rabbit.

Was it a mistake to start to buy the magazine Stitch again when I my interest in Embroidery was reawakened? I love the magazine and I love the way it inspires me. BUT I should I have allowed myself to be seduced by

14.8.14 031

him , in issue 88 April- May. I did resist him for as long as I could, but then I found some fabric in my stash and I was undone. Having selected some fabric it was time to design the parts I would be embroidering.

embroidered rabbit 1, aug 14 001

That’s an ear. Then it was time to start stitching. The one in the magazine used 6 strands of thread to give a rustic look. Now I love rustic but 6 strands is beyond rustic! I went for three strands and a homespun look.

embroidered rabbit 1, aug 14 002

I love the idea of using buttons in the centre of the flowers, and found 4 from my button stock. Oddly I have no yellow buttons, so that gives me a mission round the second hand shops.

Here’s a flower in detail. Buttonhole stitch and long stitch. Leaves are long and short stitch. Stem stick for the stems, and a few french knots and lazy daisy stitch thrown in for good measure.

embroidered rabbit 1, aug 14 003

The rabbit in the magazine is made from Cath Kidston fabric and embroidered onto calico. My fabric was a curtain remnant and I embroidered onto curtain lining fabric.

14.8.14 025

After the embroidery comes the sewing bit. Pretty difficult as you have the ears and arms inside the body as you stitch up the rabbit. I can’t understand why I didn’t think to stuff the arms and ears after the construction which would have been much easier, but I went with the instructions.

14.8.14 027

See a pretty tight fit and on the sewing machine was hard.

14.8.14 028

Then you have to get the whole rabbit right side out…

14.8.14 029

Here he comes. Stuff the body and add the legs.

14.8.14 032

Nearly done just add a ribbon. Yes it’s from a chocolate rabbit, I can’t throw away a ribbon with a bell can I….

14.8.14 034

Ain’t he cute?

14.8.14 035

If you would like details of the magazine please go here. The project is by Deena Beverley

And what did Mr E think of him?  Well the rabbit sat all weekend on the sideboard without Mr E even noticing him…. and when I pointed him out ” Very nice!!” was the comment, no wonder I blog!!

So should I have resisted him- Glad I didn’t.What do you think?

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