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Ellerburn to Dalby Forest.

Hurrah, with a bit of detective work and help from the East Yorkshire History Society who recorded all the inscriptions in St Hilda’s Ellerburn church and made a map so even this muppet could find what she was looking for, I¬† found the grave of my Great Great Great Grandmother who lived to the ripe old age of 92.

14.3.15 004

Jane Stephenson, I think you must have been some lady.

And hurrah for Mr E who got into the church, only a big shove was needed to open the door.

14.3.15 006

plain and simple inside

14.3.15 007

whoops I left my red gloves in shot. Now it wasn’t so damp this visit because there had just been a funeral. And I will tell a little story about this, names changed.

We drove to Ellerburn this time because we wanted to walk to Dalby Forest and didn’t know how far it would be. It’s nearly a narrow single file road, so we had to wait 15 minutes whilst the cortege and all the mourners passed us . We explored the churchyard first and then the inside of the church. We must have been there a further half hour before we left to start our walk. Imagine our surprise when a car pulls up outside the church ( remember this is a hamlet of one farm and three cottages) and a chap jumps out. “Where have they taken Fred too?” he demanded.

How do you loose a hearse? We made some useful suggestions but had no idea really. Hope he found Fred.

Anyway onto the walk, back passed the fish farm, there was a car there this time so the dog wasn’t on guard duty.

14.3.15 009

The beck is just as pretty as you continue along the valley. And I saw the first wild primroses  of this year, you may have to click on the picture to get it big enough to see.

14.3.15 010

Go past this farm

14.3.15 013

and you reach Dalby Forest. We think this strange thing is part of some water drainage thingy whatsit. Love to know if anyone has a clue.

14.3.15 011

And does anyone know what this is?

14.3.15 012

We had to turn back before we reached Dalby village, but we were now into familiar territory. The walk through Dalby Forest from Dalby being one of Dad’s favourite dog walks. Now all we have to do is rev up enough energy to do Thornton Dale to Dalby right through. We have done it once more or less, but that was 34 years ago when Mr T was in a push chair and I was in my 20’s!

Please feel free to leave a link to any walk related post you have written.



Thornton Dale to Ellerburn

This is the lovely new walk I mentioned in my February 15 for 2015 post. Come with me as I retrace my steps along the way. Begin at the church in Thornton.

ellerburn Feb 15 002

Down Priestmans Lane by the beck.

ellerburn Feb 15 003

Past the millrace

ellerburn Feb 15 005

and into the woods full of snowdrops

ellerburn Feb 15 007

The view across Ellerdale is lovely

ellerburn Feb 15 008

loving the way the trees encroach the water’s edge

ellerburn Feb 15 009

past the farm

ellerburn Feb 15 020

to the church

ellerburn Feb 15 034

past the two cottages

ellerburn Feb 15 030

and the tea room not yet open for the season

ellerburn Feb 15 029


to the old paper mill now a fish farm

ellerburn Feb 15 028


see the dog on guard!

ellerburn Feb 15 026

We have since been back to walk from Ellerburn to Dalby Forest, so more next week.

Hope you have some lovely walks this Spring. Love to hear if you do.


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