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Yarn Along!

Last night I finished the jacket for Master T, to be presented at Christmas.

3.9.14 004

And there’s a matching titfer( Hat)

3.9.14 006

And here’s the lovely buttons in close up, so pleased with these, I love my local Button Shop.

3.9.14 005

So waiting to begin tonight is

3.9.14 007

The jumper that my Mr asked for wistfully earlier this year when I made the tank top for Master H.

Reading Catch 22, having found it on my son’s bookcase, yes I know he left home 6 years ago but you can’t tell looking at his room….

Read it years ago and quite honestly apart from remembering what Catch 22 is , I can’t recall a single thing about the book, except it  is funnier than I recall, which probably means I have just grown older and can see the humour this time round…..

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along


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