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American Museum- Bath

It’s been a long cherished wish of mine to visit the American Museum in Bath (UK). Last week I fulfilled it. Full details of the museum can be found here.

My main reason for visiting was the textile room with the collection of quilts. Apparently they have so many they change the exhibition from time to time. I took rather a lot of photos of quilts and other exhibits so have split this visit into two posts. This one does not contain any quilts. I will post those another day!

wales May 16 046

The museum is situated in this house. It doesn’t open till 12, but you can walk in the grounds and visit the cafe after 10.30 if you are an early bird. Being able to do this is a new venture for the museum called appropriately Early Birds. There’s a whole flock of them on the lawn!

wales May 16 075

The views are wonderful.

wales May 16 045

And the coffee and cookies weren’t bad either. Glad we were early birds.

Inside the museum you go on a walk through history. Here’s what caught my eye.

wales May 16 049

These wonderful figures.

wales May 16 050

A collection of black mammy dolls. Apparently there are few survivors of these dolls as they were loved to pieces.

Photography was allowed but no flash, so apologies for lighting issues.

wales May 16 052

A series of rooms through the ages. I know you will all love the wool winder.

wales May 16 071

I am not quite certain what this gadget it. Any ideas? Note to self , take a notebook to write this stuff down in!

wales May 16 072

Now that is a Shaker style sewing box. The pin cushion looks so modern.

Quilts next time….. Hope you enjoyed this short visit with me. I can really recommend it.


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