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Inspired Sunday!

Mr E’s family originally hales from Dorset. To be more precise from Puddletown and Tolpuddle. We believe that he shares a common ancestor with James Hammett one of the Tolpuddle Martyrs.

The church of St Mary at Puddletown where we have the strongest family connection was a complete delight

Dorset May 14 057

Dorset May 14 062

with high backed pews

Dorset May 14 053

which you can see from above by mounting some rickety rackety steps to the organ gallery

Dorset May 14 059

a restored chapel has this lovely stone tomb

Dorset May 14 055

From here we went to the church of St John the Evangelist in Tolpuddle

Dorset May 14 066

where James Hammett is buried

Dorset May 14 067

Thanks for stopping by. Linking in with Inspired Sunday

Lots more  churches to share next  time from our little expedition in Dorset.




Dorset Days!

We had a wonderful few days in Dorset last week, when it was nearly summer and the days were hot and sublime.

There was a day at Bournemouth on the beach with

Dorset May 14 006

Master T and

Dorset May 14 011

and Mr T and little Miss F , Mrs T and yours truly- note the crochet flower on hat!!


A day in the New Forest

Dorset May 14 024

and picnic time– give a man a stove outside and he will make coffee, heat soup…

Dorset May 14 021

Here is the Rufus stone

Dorset May 14 029

Dorset May 14 030

and here the Knightwood Oak , 500 years old

Dorset May 14 033

The Forest  still has a magical quality despite all the cars, goodness knows what it would be like in July and August.

Dorset May 14 063

We visited the Tolpuddle Martyrs museum- more of them tomorrow

Dorset May 14 091

Lulworth Cove

Dorset May 14 096

I can’t tell you just how pretty Dorset is, here’s trying with one picture

Dorset May 14 080

Dorset May 14 097

Then onto Weymouth, a busy little harbour

Dorset May 14 100

Final stop was Dorcester (Casterbridge for all Thomas Hardy fans)seen here from

Dorset May 14 103

the iron age fort of Maiden Castle.

Lots of churches to share and some random pics to come. Hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend. Great to go away but good to be home.









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