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Yarn Along!

I finished the pretty little baby cardigan. Knitted in Sirdar 4ply yarn, it was a joy to make from start to finish. Pattern is Sirdar 1666.

wales May 16 004

Here’s a detail of the little matching hat.

wales May 16 005

lacy edge, holes and flowers. Baby is now past the due date, good luck to the parents to be.

So what next?

18.5.16 014

another little cardigan for Miss F. I am sticking with 4ply wool. There is a bit of moss stitch but mostly just stocking stitch. I was going to do white because it goes with everything. Then I found a shade called Rice Pudding, and I just HAD to go with that. Really, really enjoying the knitting, and know why? I have no deadline to meet. So much more relaxing. There is a big lesson for me there.

Two books on the go right now. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt which has been recommended to me from so many different sources that when I spotted it in the library I knew it had to be my next read. Two chapters in and I think I am hooked.

The other book is called Fabric Pictures by Janet Bolton and is a workshop on guess what? Fabric pictures. Rarely do I read “craft” books from start to finish , but this is going to be the exception. It’s another library book and I am making notes…..

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