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Autumn leaf project update

First of all a big thank you to everyone who helped me out with comments on my Autumn Leaf stitching project last month. Your suggestions were really helpful. So what did I do? Well, I painted up some more yellow fabric and made some more leaves. I then used machine embroidery to quilt the piece and  added veins to the bigger leaves. Then I made it into a cushion. I do like a cushion!!

Here we go -adding the big new leaf to the centre.

25.11.2014 013

Adding the leaf veins

25.11.2014 015

You can see the machine embroidery too. I really really loved doing this part, I went over and over the fabric loving the texture I was creating.

25.11.2014 014

A little yellow leaf. and the final cushion

25.11.2014 012

I learned such a lot from making this.  I did machine embroidery and it wasn’t scary, it was fun. Design.. have I finally learned that I should plan things put properly before plunging in. This is still on the messy side,too much is well too much!  I don’t think I have finished with autumn leaves by a lone chalk, but less is more.

Mr E still didn’t ask about the pile of leaves in the fireplace. They remained looking lovely, as a result of pressing them between newspapers. I burnt them ceremoniously when I stitched the last stitch. And he hasn’t said a word about the new cushion… being polite or merely unobservant?

Meantime I have started , well am starting a new blog called A voice through stitch which you can access by hoovering over my name top right hand  corner. Or by clicking here I will be posting my next Stitching Project on there very soon. I felt that these rather personal stitching responses to the world around me don’t quite fit in my NanaCathy blog hence the new blog. As always I am technically challenged with what I am trying to do , but hopefully the new blog will be ok. Love it if you went for a visit in the next week or so when I make my first stitch post. Thanks.

Once again thanks for the comments on my autumn leaves and if you care to leave another, well that would make me very happy.



New sewing machine and first project!

Last week I had a birthday. My son and his family came to stay and I had a wonderful week. There were some flowers and cards- ( Only just took the photo, for those who read yesterdays post)


and Mr T took us all out for a meal, that’s me with my Dad- Master T, Miss J and Mr T. Mrs T kindly took the photo


And my husband gave me a lovely new sewing machine. I couldn’t try it with a house full of family, so yesterday was the day I tried it. I was scared and excited all at the same time, it is much whizzier than the one I have been using for the last xxx years to make dressing up clothes, shoe bags and things of that ilk. This is an altogether new experience.

I put it on the table in its box and had a good look at the outside


I got it out of the box


and then out of the case


I got out the instruction manual. I started with the names of parts- I am sure there is a poem called the Naming of Parts- I must look it up- anyway this naming of parts was suitably impressing ( scared me to pieces!)


I gave myself a good talking too and got going with some practice material


Which were pretty rubbish and I faffed around with tension wheels and goodness knows what else.

Another good talking too later and I remembered watching Master T last week. Now why is it as adults ( and I do not think I am alone) we expect to be able to do everything instantly. At least I had tried to read the xxx manual!

Last week I had been playing with Master T and had constructed a tower of 4 Duplo bricks and put them on top of a Duplo car. On observing this tower Master T had spent a really concentrated 20 minutes taking the 4 bricks apart and re building the tower, taking it apart and re-building it- he must have done it 20, 30 times before he was satisfied he could do it, then he turned his attention to the car, put the tower on the car, took it off, rebuilt the tower, put it back on the car- you get the picture.

Thank you Master T! I went back to the manual- not only had I not put the bobbin in correctly I had not threaded it right either. Finally happy I knew what to do I had a think about what to practice on, because by now I knew I need practice before getting going on one of the numerous projects I have in mind. I had a rummage through my fabric stash. I found this..


A small pack of fabric squares I had bought from a charity shop last year and waiting for a use. Perfect I would make  a cushion (pillow). Here goes…


I made a Suffolk puff, and added a button, and had completed my first project on my scary new sewing machine…a little less scary than it had been in the morning! What do you think?







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