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InSpired Sunday!

I have started to notice that church steeples really do vary from area to area. Which is logical since they serve no real purpose and once one church added a steeple the nearby churches aspired to one too. Now the steeples in the Brecon Beacons I noted all tend to look like this one on St Edmund’s Church in Crickhowell, unless of course you know different.

Swindon July 2014 026

Now this church is apparently the only church outside of East Anglia dedicated to St Edmund. It was a lovely church but I was a bit surprised at the lack of a guide book, and on coming home lack of much on their website about this interesting church.

Swindon July 2014 037

I love the approach through the gate.

Swindon July 2014 025

Here is the church seen from across the river in Llangattock. The steeple really does present quite a landmark.

Swindon July 2014 033

The inside was  quite big for a little town.

Swindon July 2014 034

And there is the rather impressive tomb.

Swindon July 2014 041

There’s the church from the castle.

And here for good measure are two other places of worship in Crickhowell , which sadly weren’t open to the public

Swindon July 2014 038

in fact this one was padlocked and there were weeds on the footpath so I wondered if it was still in use

Swindon July 2014 045

and this one.

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