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This week!

I was told it takes two years to recover after paid work and now I know what was meant. Let’s see if I can convey what life in so-called retirement now looks like  two years in.

There’s time to appreciate nature.


The changing seasons and beautiful sunsets.


Time to stop for lunch when you have gone sofa shopping again. ( We started this back in the January sales of you remember. We couldn’t agree.  Finally a sort of compromise was reached with Mr E. He would choose one and I would choose another. The one I choose was delivered back in June. He has finally made his choice.) I digress. Lunch.


The Humble Pie in Erlby.


Just loved the interior, and my food.


Chicken Caesar salad. I love the chicken salt pot. The fish milk jug was cute but messy. OK so it was me that was messy.

There’s  time for baking


Rosemary biscuits. And for processing the last of the greenhouse crop.


I was gifted these apples by a lady at the family history group.


Multi purpose apples as they can be eaten raw or cooked and then  eaten. I made Eve’s pudding(apple sponge) and have enough left over for some apple flapjacks.


And gardening. Bags of crocus, daffodils and tulip bulbs from the local nursery to plant.

And then the unexpected. Four years ago when I started this blog I joined a CAL organised by Rachel

We worked our way through the book 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. I created this.

6.11.13 005

A gorgeous garden inspired blanket. It came back to me this year for some repairs. Anyway long story short, Rachel completed her blocks but other projects came along and she didn’t join her blocks together. This week she gifted them to me.


All of them. Oh boy do her crochet skills knock mine into a tin hat. She is so good. They are so neat. These won’t come undone. They are lovely. Rachel is left-handed. Do have a look at her blog if you aren’t familiar with it already.Lots of information for the left handed hooker. I had a happy afternoon sorting the blocks into three piles to make three lap blankets.




Two, sorry about the blur


And three. I plan to then gift the finished blankets to a care home where I know they will really be appreciated. Thanks again Rachel.

So that’s just a week in retirement, and of course the washing , ironing, cooking ,cleaning and yarning along!

Wonder what next week will bring? What will your week bring?

Have a great weekend.



In Praise of Seasonality!

This year I really want to enjoy local seasonal foods and try new recipes. Local  because the less distance something travels the fresher and nicer it is, and seasonal because I think we have lost something from our culture by having ingredients always available. And new recipes for me,because I love to cook.

The first local and seasonal fruit has just appeared in the green grocers in town,  Yorkshire rhubarb.

This rhubarb has been grown in a specific region of Yorkshire in the dark and so is a lovely delicate pink colour and also sweet and gorgeous.

In honour of the first rhubarb this year I tried a new to me recipe. OH YUM. Rhubarb Cobbler.

2.2.14 011

Recipe came from Good Housekeeping with a substitute ingredient  from me..

6oz plain flour

4oz butter

5oz caster sugar

1 1/2lb rhubarb trimmed and cut into bite size chunks

2tbsp cornflour

1/2 tsp cinnamon….I didn’t have any cinnamon (how did I run out of my favourite spice?) so I used Mixed spice.

a little milk and sugar for glazing


Put the flour, butter and 1 oz of the sugar in a food processor and blend until you have fine breadcrumb texture. Add 3 tbsp cold water and blend until it comes together. If it is sticky at all roll in some flour and chill for 2o minutes . ( I will be honest here I have never ever bothered to chill pastry, but this was sticky so for once I did, and I could not believe the difference it made,I AM A CONVERT TO PASTRY CHILLING the pastry was divine).

Roll out the pastry leaving the edges ragged and uneven- my edges are always ragged and uneven so this was a breeze. Large enough for a 9inch round, 2 inch deep dish. I only had a cake tin with a detachable bottom, hence the cake liner. Place pastry in the tin with the edges well over the sides .

Toss the rhubarb in the sugar, cornflour and cinnamon (mixed spice). Spoon into the dish. Don’t be tempted to leave out the cornflour it really coats the rhubarb.

Then fold the edges up and over the fruit, as in the picture. Glaze with milk and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake for 5o minutes at 200C, 400F, gas 6,tin on a baking tray. The pastry should be golden brown and juice bubbling around the side.Serve hot with ice cream.

Now I can’t tell a lie- I was guilty of the Bake Off Squat (ie hunkering down to peer through the glass door to check the colour)

I did have a soggy bottom( probably the cake liner to blame), but it was a super yummy soft, cooked, rhubarb infused soggy bottom( None UK readers may need to refer for an understanding of this comment to  the  BBC Great British Bake Off )

What can I say the rhubarb cobbler was DEELICIOUS. Can’t wait to see what is local and in season next for me to try something new with.



Loving your veggies!

On Christmas Eve I went veggie shopping. My mind went completely blank having picked up the obligatory sprouts and red cabbage. So I bought one of everything. And we ate most of them.

But what to do with the odds and ends, a bag of parsnips and a celeriac now that everyone has gone.

This is my solution. First off Parsnip soup. Recipe can be found here

Cooking away

3.01.14 002

3.01.14 004

and blended ready to eat- it is lovely- really can taste the parsnips.

Then came Spiced Root vegetables stew


Fry 1 onion till soft- about 5 minutes.

Then add whatever you have left over- in my case

2 parsnips

1 carrot

1/3rd of a swede

2 sweet potatoes

2 potatoes

Cook with the onion for a couple of minutes

Add I level tablespoon each of cumin, coriander and turmeric- I had a tiny bit of ginger left over so that went in grated for good measure.

Make sure the veggies are all coated in the spices and cook for another couple of minutes.

Add 1 tin of chopped tomatoes- 400g and 1 tin of chick peas- 4oog and 1/2 pint of veggie stock. Simmer for an hour, thus

3.01.14 003

So that’s dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow taken care of.

The celeriac is now  being turned into Celeriac and Pear soup- recipe here

I think that has to be lunch for me  today.

And  now all that’s left in my veggie rack is one lonely little onion.

3.01.14 008

Love to hear of anyone’s favourite vegetable recipes .

Carrot Chutney

I ate a M&S Wensleydale and carrot chutney sandwich and within one bite I KNEW I just had to make some carrot chutney- Yes it was that good!

Good old internet- I found another blogger who had also decided to make carrot chutney having eaten a M&S sandwich.

Check out Crafty Garden Hoe for this deliciousness.

Here come the pics!

chutney 27.11.13 002


carrot chutney 2013 001


7.12.13 003

On bread with Wensleydale cheese for my lunch time pack up. Oh BOY is it goooooood!!!!


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