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March Books 2018

I don’t seem to have read as much this month. I abandoned the book “Paul Clifford” after three chapters, life is too short even though the was a dark and stormy night in the opening sentence. Anyway here is what I have read. Please let me know if you  have read any of these and what you thought about them .

Colm Toibin- The Story of the Night-Set in Argentina at the time of the Falklands war , with an English mother and Argentinian father, Richard Carey ‘s life moves from the political to the personal. There’s a lot in this book. The beginning is very much about the political situation which led to the Falklands war. There is a section in Spain where Richard goes with a pupil of his, Jorge , and they meet up with some Chilean exiles. Then back in Argentina a love story unfolds for him. It’s almost like the start of one book and then end with another with the link between the characters. On reflection I would have liked the political side to be more evident in the second part of the book. And goodness knows what happened to the Chileans. I read this book quite slowly and steadily and did enjoy it. I don’t want to give away too much, but here is what Tobias Wolff is quoted saying in the blurb on the back- ” The Story of the Night is a love story of the most serious and difficult kind. Toibin has told it with profound artistry and truth”. Please note, this is not a fluffy romantic novel.

Tracy Chevalier- Falling Angels- As England passes from the Victorian to the Edwardian age, life begins to change for women. The story is told by people from two households, and a boy who works with his father in the local cemetery where the families have neighbouring family plots. An enjoyable read but not a great book.

Ruth Rendell- Dark Corners- her last novel for the world. It was ok. I don’t know if her powers were declining or if my taste has changed. Moral of the story, do not supply medicine to others, even if it is legal.

Anne Enright- The Green Road- Set in Ireland, four adult children gather at Christmas when their Mamma announces she is selling the family home. The plot reminded me of the books by Anne Tyler. The writing is good. Most of the novel sets out the back story of the four siblings and their mother. I found none of the characters at all likeable, I really didn’t care what happened to any of them and the ending was just a stop writing. Disappointing really.

Coming up next  for me

I realise of course thet The Kate Chopin was amongst those that lived in the heap by my bed which I sent to the charity shop unread in January. No wonder it sounded familiar. I started it last night and I am actually enjoying it. Muppet that I am. Least these are all library books and I didn’t buy it.

So have you any good reads for this Easter weekend lined up? Do tell.


Yarn Along

Thornton 30.12.15 015

The last Yarn Along for this year. Nearly finished my book The Master by Colm Toibin, the story of the writer Henry James told through a narrative of the most significant people in his life, his sister, female friends, and male friends, the latter may have been more than just friends. The scene shifts between Rome, Venice , London, Ireland and Rye in Sussex. An enjoyable read which I may get finished this year!

Slow progress on my latest cardigan for Little Miss F, the front and back is knitted in one piece so a row takes longer than usual. But the little dogs are done! Lots of ends.

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Yarn Along!

23.12.15 007

On the needles another little cardigan for Miss F. I made this before in a smaller size,in a slightly different colour,  it has dogs round the bottom which I am just about to start knitting. She loves dogs. Should be a knit. Her Mum has shrunk the Peppa Pig jumper, how could she?

The Master by Colm Toibin is about Henry James. I like the books of Henry James, and have visited Lamb House in Rye where he lived. The book reads like a novel rather than a biography, and is thoroughly enjoyable.

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