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InSpired Sunday!

Some more churches from Dorset England, taken in May this year.EnjoyDorset May 14 036

This one is Wimborne Minster.

Dorset May 14 038

A Church with  a strong link to Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry7th and the first Queen Mother!! More information on this church can be found here

Dorset May 14 039

I loved this but aren’t certain what it is…any ideas

Dorset May 14 013

Now I would love to say where this one was, but somewhere very near Bournemouth.

Dorset May 14 015

I loved the improvement  for comfort of these chairs from pews, and tastefully done

Dorset May 14 014

These flowers made the whole church smell delicious. I suspect from a wedding, don’t you?

Dorset May 14 046

Sorry but can’t remember which town we were in for this picture but I love the after thought? on top

Dorset May 14 047

This is St Peter’s church in Shaftesbury, near the hill on which the Hovis advert was shot. More infromatiion on the church here

Dorset May 14 048

That’s the hovis hill.

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InSpired Sunday!

The first re location spot we have been exploring is Cambridgeshire. Some super churches, but not the location for us after all.


cambridge feb 14 007

St Neot’s

cambridge feb 14 004

A village near St Neot’s.

cambridge feb 14 032

cambridge feb 14 010

St Ives

cambridge feb 14 048


cambridge feb 14 047

The lovely millennium window at Houghton.

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