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Stitching Secret Santa-to

My Parcel went to Kim who blogs as The Material Lady, and if you don’t know her , she is an amazing and very talented lady. She sews divinely and knits socks and all manner of wonderful garments. So what on earth to make for her as she had been a very good girl this year.

Reading her blog I discovered she feels the cold , and last year had been thrilled to receive a shawl. So I made a pair of gloves and a matching hat.

Next it was time to fill the stocking I made for some smaller gifts

A crochet pot, a lavender filled owl  and lemon pin cushion from leftover yarn

A Santa sack for

some useful accessories and finally my whole £10 budget went on

West Yorkshire Spinners yarn and a pattern. In went a card , and as Kim also blogs as The Old Bat at the Back, as she runs as well you know, on the back of the envelope went a hand-made

Once again thanks go to Sewchet for her inspiration in thinking this up and her remarkable organisational skills so we all have wonderful squishy Christmas presents. And there is to be another one in 2018 Sewchet wrote yesterday. What a way to start 2018.



Stitching Secret Santa, I must have been a very,very good girl.

Thank you Sewchet for once again organising our wonderful Stitching Santa. We have been away in London over Christmas  and as I wanted to give the parcel I received my full concentration I waited to this afternoon to open my gift.  Carefully I took off the brown tape and the labels because I loved the box all by itself.

Inside was a wonderful array of gifts.

I really, really should have guessed who my Santa was from the box alone.

But this lovely bag told me that Sewchet herself was my Santa. The bag is lined and very roomy, and is a perfect project bag.

And beneath that package lay all these gifts and yes chocolate money. There was one in the crochet bag too which I have just eaten. So now I knew who Santa was I opened the card.

A hand-made card, just lovely. Cross stitch cards and Handy Snips and look at the yarn from a Zwartbies Sheep.

A hand -made crochet Christmas bauble in its own little box, how cute is this?

Well this cute? Sorry a bit out of focus.

Then came the case made from the upcycled cross stitch picture, which is even prettier in real life and a real inspiration to me to rescue cross stitch items from charity shops. It is lovely.

Then came a crochet pincushion and another hank of yarn. This is Aran weight from a British Blue Faced Leicester Sheep. So soft and squishy.

Then a crochet book full of super designs and

a magazine with some fabulous patterns which I know Little Miss F and I are going to love.

So that is why I think I have been a very, very good girl this year. Tomorrow I will share what I sent to me Secret Santa recipient.

Thank you Sheila for creating and organising this wonderful Stitching Secret Santa  and also for my truly amazing gifts. I am somewhat overcome, so I think a nice magazine and a chocolate coin is in order.



This week!

Another happy and busy week. Christmas preparations well under way now. The spare room where I work is covered in stuff, completed projects and presents waiting to be wrapped, piles of materials for the if I have time things. You Know..

I am loving our new sofas. On 27 December 2015 we went sofa hunting and have been all year. Finally we agreed I would choose one and Mr E the other. Mr E’s delivered a week ago, mine on Brexit Eve!


Mine, all mine


Ours! I love the poinsettia I bought, it says Christmas is coming, now I don’t have children at home with the advent calender.

Haven’t we had some wonderful sunsets this week?


If I sit on MY sofa this is the view I see.

Tinsel knitting continues.


That would be alongside the two knitting and crochet projects I have going to say nothing of the fabric bits and bobs. Happy to say I will have something to share this month in scrap happy. Meantime this lady hedgehog , called Hetty Wainthropp, is hunting for her passport and trying to learn a foreign language.


The vintage pop up shop I visited yesterday in the lovely village of Coxwold. I was there to attend a wreath making workshop. It was good fun. Lovely tutor and participants and mince pies….mmm mince p  i  e  s.

Details of the vintage pop up shops here. 


My wreath and in close up


Quite proud of myself.

Can you tell I love getting ready for Christmas?

I know some of the bloggers I follow are having a tough time. I visited our church this week, lit a candle and said prayers for you all.  Hard to put a brave face to the world at this time of year. I have had my fair share of doing that this decade and this year I am so grateful that I don’t need to be brave. I am enjoying every moment.

Hoping you all have a good week and some happy times, they are so precious.


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