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Needle felt Christmas baubles.

For my second at home craft workshop I decided to follow up on a needle felt class I took last year when I made needle felt robins.

I borrowed this book from the library.

25.11.15 011

Dug out some yarn and my needle felt prodder and got going. Now needle felting couldn’t be easier. Take some wool and prod, either into itself for a solid shape or round a former, such as polystyrene balls.

25.11.15 010

Thus, taking great care not to prod your hand ‘cos it jolly well hurts. NB, do not try to watch the TV at the same time or you  will prod yourself.

And viola, an afternoon later,

29.11.15 001

Three Christmas baubles. Ribbon attached with a pin and a sequin. The book had you making holes with cocktail sticks and gluing in place, my method is less messy and very quick.

And you can make Easter eggs too..little early for them?

29.11.15 002

Happy Christmas Crafting! Love to know what you have made this weekend.




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