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Buttercup Walk

It’s buttercup time at last and the sun is shining. Yesterday I went one of my favourite walks. Two minutes from home I am here

8.6.16 006

Sometimes this field and the bushes are white all over. At the bottom of the hill and into Wells Walk. When I started this blog there was a massive dispute between new land owner and the whole of Pickering. For once it was People 1 Landowner zilch! The public right of way was agreed.

8.6.16 007

And so into the buttercup field.

8.6.16 008

The tree on the right is one of my very favourite trees. Back in 2013 I took 12 photos of that tree, one a month to see the changes from season to season.

8.6.16 010

More buttercups

8.6.16 011

More more buttercups

8.6.16 013

Leaving the field and going down the track.

8.6.16 019

Till you get to this gate, but

8.6.16 021

Then back through the woods, over the road and back up the hill home. But not before I spot this fellow sat on a gate post. He’s new- I just love the unexpected, don’t you.

8.6.16 022

Hope you enjoyed my buttercup walk and have a chance to get out and about yourself in the sunshine.

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