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Knit and Natter Friday.

The British Wool Festival I went to last week was small but utterly wonderful. Held in the Livestock Auction centre in York,  it was a good venue with lots of car parking spaces and some truly wonderful exhibitors.

Not only was there wool, there were  real live sheep too.

Aren’t they wonderful, and rabbits  too, Angora rabbits to be precise.

I had no idea how soft their fur was, no wonder Angora yarn is so gorgeous.

There were lots and lots of yarn stalls, but I kept clear of them as I did not want to be tempted to buy more yarn. However, there were so many other exhibitors to see I didn’t miss visiting yarn stalls, and plenty of opportunites to talk about wool.

The U3A, they had made twiddlemuffs and you got to choose your favourite and the one with most votes would receive a little prize. Look carefully at the middle row, right had side, the green one- it was a football pitch with a ball etc. So clever. Next door to them.

The Embroiders Guild, and some fabulous work in wool and mixed threads.

I loved this stall

Lone at Mad about Wool (It’s a facebook page , no website) .Lone told me she has three other chairs like this, only different, one was a seaside theme , but I forget the other two. She was knitting while we chatted, I have never seen anyone knit quite so fast.

Isn’t it wonderful?

In addition there was

rug making


spinning,a group called the Ludites and  another – the Vikings, demonstrating historical skills.

soaps, hand creams etc made from wool fat

the Rare Breeds  Association and the St Nicks recycling centre from York, and I am sure things I have forgotten to mention.  Whilst I was extremely good and didn’t buy any wool , there was a little retail therapy going on.

The pink fluff in the box is for a needlefelt fairy, the buttons for book marks and  some little pieces to embroider. All in all a very enjoyable outing.

Meantime my knitting is coming on again. The fairy is under construction

Next stage is a face and some hair, then the wings ,then all done.

The cardigan for Little Miss F is going well. I was shocked how once it cooled down and my brain was fully functional ( for me) the lacy pattern became a doddle. Now half way up the back. It may even be worthy of a picture to share next week.

The second tile on the second row of the Eastern Jewels blanket is done too. Ends still need tidying though.

And that is about it for the weekend.

We have a theatre trip tomorrow- The 39 Steps at Scarborough. I got the tickets as part of Mr E’s birthday, hope he enjoys it.

Other than that, not much happening for the rest of August. I have a place on the bookbinding workshop, but that’s not till September.

So, over to you, do tell us your plans for the weekend, how are you crafting in the heat/ cold/ just right temperatures?

One of my many paid jobs I had was to visit the elderly, stock question to ask was ” what do you know?” meaning tell us the news!

So what do you know? And thanks for dropping by,

Be happy,





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