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June Garden.

June has been an odd month weather wise. Hot and sunny, then cold and dreary for a fortnight, then sunny and warm and now we have sunshine and showers. Plants flower and then are over quickly, not like the winter when the snowdrops are around for 6 weeks. And don’t the weeds just love it!

So gardening time has been about weeding and planting and enjoying the flowers as they come.

8.6.16 001

The irises and poppies

8.6.16 004

both of which needed dead heading today.

13.6.16 003

These lovely Lupins which were a gift from my son Mr T. He grew them from seed a couple of years ago. These too have been dead headed and more flowers are now on their way.

13.6.16 022

I gave this mock orange to Mr E 14 years ago. It was one of his Mums’ favourites. I have picked several branches and had them in the house where they smelled delicious. Yesterday was a warm day so the windows were open and on the breeze came their wonderful fragrance.

8.6.16 002

The tadpoles are doing so well this year.We must have hundreds. I have tried taking a picture of them but I’m not certain that either me or the camera is up to the task, hope you can see some of them.

Just after I wrote last time the blue tits fledged, and then we watched the robins in and out of their nest, which was in the ivy on the garage wall- see Lupins picture. They fledged this week. When the blackbirds hatched sometime in the middle of the month we were treated to no less than three Mum birds taking a well earned bath in our bird bath. They really looked as if they were enjoying it! They too have fledged now. I also have a water bowl on the grass for the birds to drink from.

8.6.16 026

And here’s a picture of the Head Gardener at work by the rose arch!

8.6.16 029

Now to get back to planting out the dahlias so beloved of Mr E.

Hope you have a great time outside this month.


Bad News from the Big Garden Bird Watch

The results are now in from the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch and the results show an alarming decline in bird numbers with Starlings faring the worst. Read all about it here and how we can all help wildlife in our own back gardens.

Big Garden Bird Watch-uk

26-27 January 2013 is a date to put in the diary for anyone who loves birds, and wants to take part in annual exercise to see how well the birds have fared in the last year. All you have to do is to spend an hour over this weekend, in your garden or a park and count the maximum number of one type of bird you can see at anyone time! Couldn’t be simpler- all you need is a basic guide book to garden birds- I have a number of pretty comprehensive books,but for this exercise one that just shows the most common species is enough- I use a free guide book my Dad passed onto me from the Daily Telegraph.

For more information and to register go to http://www.rspb.org.uk

Once all the information is collated you will be sent details of the results. The information is used by the RSPB to help our birds.

Do take part- the children will love it. I’ll post my results at the end of January.In the meantime do let me know if you will take part and also if you don’t live in the UK if anything similar happens where you are.

Get counting and Good Luck!

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