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This Week!

Despite life’s little troubles the good life in retirement continues. I have been lending moral suppport to a friend this week whose Mum (91) is in hospital with a chest infection. Her prognosis looks good.

So…  I had one of these this week.


With some  of these


The first of three bouquets as it happens. Gorgeous. And some presents including these


The top book is for the poetry group I have just started to attend. I’ll write another post about the other book later.


I chose to go for a walk as the day was mild. We went to the forest and up to the Bridestones.


Signs that it is Autumn  everywhere. Just where does all the fungi come from?


There is something very other worldly about fungi I always think.


Afterwards we went to the New Inn in Thornton Dale for lunch. I love the sandwiches and salad (ok the chips) there. As it so happens my short-lived career as a waitress was here. At just the time this was written!


It was then ruled over by a temporary manager who went by the name of Mrs Driscoll aka the Dragon.

I lasted three days. Fortunately just a holiday job. I became a child walker after that. Literally I took two children a walk every afternoon whilst their Mum had a nap!


One of my sons used to have a girlfriend who asked to be taken to an Emmerdale type pub every time she came North. I guess the New Inn meets that criteria too.


Thornton Dale Village Green. Couldn’t resist the colours. We had an evening meal out too, but I forgot the camera.


Unbelievably that is our  garden  this week. The weather is mild and long may it continue. So mild in fact a


Lupin has reappeared! What the ??? So no excuses for not being outside pruning and tidying up.


Think we should go to the tip, but Mr E is all for having a bonfire.

One more treat this week


A trip to the theatre. Now I know I have said this before,  but the Northern Broadsides ( based in Halifax, West Yorkshire) are brilliant. I haven’t laughed so much in ages.  And maybe they will come to a theatre near you. Link here- http://www.northern-broadsides.co.uk/

Hope you have all had a good week. Be really happy if you leave a link to a post about your week, or tell me what you have been up too.

Have a super weekend.

Castle Howard Arboretum

The sun shone, well mostly, so we headed off to the Arboretum at Castle Howard for some Autumn Colour, which I hope you enjoy as much as we did.

arboretium 2015 013

The Lake

arboretium 2015 012

Glorious oranges

arboretium 2015 021

Purple autumn crocus, I like that I can an insect inside the petals.

arboretium 2015 033


arboretium 2015 040


arboretium 2015 022

And more reds

arboretium 2015 031

A dead tree left for the bees and insects

arboretium 2015 030

The vista across the valley

arboretium 2015 029

A shelter to rest in

arboretium 2015 036

A Fairy home

arboretium 2015 018

And more fungi

arboretium 2015 027

Clouds, I thought the blue in the middle looked like a rabbit. Mr E says I am very strange.

arboretium 2015 034

Glad this cat is not for real

arboretium 2015 039

And Lunch, Homemade mushroom soup and a cheese scone.

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