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One a week photo challenge- card


I found this card and this one in a local antique shop back in the Summer.


They cost me a £1. Although they look like postcards, same shape and size, there is no postcard on the back. The top one says lace making and the bottom is hand weaving. The writing reads Langdale Linen Industry, Coniston. Approved by Prof Ruskin. The writing to the right says Atkinson’s Series.

A little investigation was called for. Ruskin was part of the Arts and Crafts movement and indeed founded a Langdale Linen Industry in Coniston. More details Here .

So then I did a bit of research about Atkinson series. I have found the name connected to Canadian postcards but nothing for the UK.

Then I looked for images of the Langdale Linen industry and came up with a picture of a postcard depicting the hand weaving.

And that’s as far as I could get. If anyone knows anything at all about my cards I would love to know please.

Meantime if you have a photo for the challenge please leave a link here or at Wild Daffodil

Next week’s prompt is Awkward.

Happy Snapping!

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