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Sewing Project2

Well I am still trying to figure out how to use the new look word press! As well as learning to use my new sewing machine!  I could go off modern technology!

Anyway here is project number two- an Advent Calender, which brings me onto the thorny subject of Work In Progress. How long is a work in progress before it becomes an unfinished project, or a never got off the ground project. I have concluded that there are degrees of work in progress.

1 Projects actively being worked on right now- eg the jumper I am knitting for Master T

2 Projects where the moment passes and they are temporally shelved, but are revived- eg the rug I am sort of making again

3 Projects where you get all the material but never get started- the Advent Calender fits into this category.- except of course I did finally get started and finished.

4 Projects that exist in books and magazines and on shopping lists

5 Projects that are in one’s head

Anyway here hopefully I can add a picture of the Advent Calender

Advent Calender

Advent Calender


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