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Photo Challenge- Music


Wind in the trees, nature’s own music.

Please leave a link in the comments to your music picture.

Next week’s prompt and the last for this challenge is Spirit or Spiritual .

Happy Snapping.

Photo Challenge – Wrap


I love the way the leaves of this plant were wrapped up, ready to unfurl!

Next week’s Prompt is Music. I would love you to leave a link to your pictures in the comments.

Happy Snapping!

Photo Challenge- Creation

After food and shelter, surely the need to create comes next. Certainly the blogs I follow are full of that need and its fulfillment. The fruits of people’s creation is everywhere to be seen and I love public art in unexpected places.


Pheasant at Lacock Abbey. And a Gallery of some of the Creations I have encountered this year.

Please leave a link to your Creation pictures in the comments. We love to see them all.

Tomorrow I will post details of the 2017 photo challenge.

Next weeks prompt is Wrap.

Happy Snapping!

Photo Challenge- Still

Still Waters


Edinburgh – July 2016

Next weeks prompt is Creation

Please leave a link to your picture in the comments section. We are currently working on a new photo challenge for 2017. Details to follow next month. It’s going to be exciting. Hope you will join us.

Photo Challenge- Wild

Wild and Stormy Skies.


Edinburgh – July 2016


The moors above Whitby, also July 2016

Next weeks’prompt is Still

Happy Snapping!

Photo Challenge- Socks

Or B****Y socks.

A couple of weeks ago a friend posted a picture of her laundry basket half full of black school socks. She has two children and the caption was B****Y socks.

How I remember those days. Three boys and a husband with identical socks to be paired up. Eventually I hit on the idea to ignore school uniform rules and so one boy had black, one navy and one grey. Mr E had striped. Life a great deal simpler. Even simpler when the boys took matters in their own handsĀ  and branched out into batman socks, spiderman socks, turtles socks etc. But they thought I would know who owned which pair. And with verukas to beware of knowing whose was whose was important.

So today I dedicate my post to all who have to pair up the family socks!


My socks were always easy!

Please leave a link to your socks pictures.

Next week’s prompt is WILD

Happy Snapping!

Photo Challenge- Hunt

The feral cats of Greece hunt for their food in the restaurants.



Pictures taken on the island of Thasos September 2016.

And because you can’t have too many cat photos, here’s four more.





Cute hey?

Next week’s prompt is socks!

Happy Snapping!


Photo Challenge- Zigzag

This has been a tough challenge. I thought my best effort was going to be this.


Molehills! And then, inspiration struck and I crossed continents. To San Francisco.


Now there’s a zigzag! Lombard Street. Picture taken in 2012.

Please leave a link for any Zigzag picture you have in the comments below.

Next week’s prompt is Monster.

Happy Snapping!

Photo Challenge- Autumn

“Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness….

And gathering swallows twitter in the skies.”

From “To Autumn” by John Keats


Photo taken September 2016 from our front garden.

Please leave a link to your Autumn picture.

Next weekss prompt is ZIGZAG, and I haven’t a clue what to photograph.

Good Luck! Happy Snapping!


Photo Challenge- Mystery


So just what is down here?


Secret tunnel at Fountains Abbey.

Please leave a link to your Mysterious photographs in the comments.

Next weeks prompt is Autumn.

Happy Snapping.


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