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A Horse with no name

So the road trip began after three goes over Golden Gate Bridge. There was a slight discussion re the route- should we drive through Death Valley? Not a good idea in the type of car we had hired and good sense prevailed and we drove via the Mojave desert. Now a long time, well actually a very long time ago I have seen the Atlas mountains and that was the closet I have got to desert, so this road trip was quite a new foray into the world for both of us. After a little while my husband was humming- I’ll call it humming to be polite- he says it was either the tune for a Fistful of Dollars or the theme from the Magnificent Seven- I really couldn’t say! What was going through my head were the words- A horse with no name… something about rain. Husband denied there being any such song. Thank goodness for the Internet and for the small laptop husband needs on all trips( actually jolly useful for the booking and selecting of motels whilst on the road). Anyway there is such a song- yah sucks- called A Horse with no name, sung by a band called America and indeed the chorus runs

I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name

It felt good to be out of the rain    (nb York was flooded at this very time- so most apt!)

In the desert you can remember your name

Cause there ain’t no-one to give you no pain ( given the rotten time I had at the start of this year, also most apt)

So this leg of the journey is titled A  Horse with no name- even tho there is no horse but a car. Come to think of it although the satnav (GPS) quickly revealed herself to be called Mary Lou, the car didn’t have a name- worse than that very little personality or indeed anything to help us recognize her- we did loose the car in car parks on more than one occasion, including one spot in which it was the only car of the right colour and both of us saying that’s not our car- and it was. Anyway that’s why the title is what it is. Oh and here is the car with no name


That would be the red one by the way.

The first thing that we observed on the journey was this sight- now the UK government might bang on about alternative energy supplies but we ain’t seen anything like this here


We were impressed. Now it was getting a bit hot by now and we needed a comfort break, so came off the road and over a bridge to a rest area. MaryLou informs us in no uncertain terms that “YOU ARE GOING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!” It made us laugh anyway!

Sometime later and with temperatures in the 90s, thank goodness that the unnamed car had air conditioning, we stopped for lunch here


The 20 mule cafe. The BLT was nice, but with a name like that research was called for. The 20 mule team (misnomer-it’s 18 mules and 2 horses) pulled Borax across the desert from 1883 to 1889! So now we know.

And here’s where we stopped the night- one of a lot of motels we stopped in- all of which look the same on the inside, only the degree or wear and tear and cleanliness and noise helps us tell them apart. Actually there were all ok!


And here’s sunrise the next day- Eric’s photo


And off we go again and the temperature rises, and I get worried about how much- or rather how little water we have, and the car thermometer reads 102F. So we stop for some shade. Mary Lou has now gone on strike or run out of maps, and my map of California is no use cos we are in Arizona now! The rest area has maps on display so I can see exactly where we are heading and note how to get there. That night we download more maps for Mary Lou.

Anyway by now I have fallen in love with American trucks- so unlike our European lorries and just so gorgeous. I know – you now agree with Eric that I am weird. But look..


Aren’t they just lovely- that’s our car too I think!

And boy is it hot


One great thing about holidays is that I get time to READ- I read my way through the 5 books I took, plus Eric’s Rumpole. By now I had read – re-read, The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, and the opening scene includes a sand tortoise, so I am hugely excited to read in the rest area that they are an endangered species hereabouts and must be well treated- I was very sad not to see one. As you can see there isn’t one in the picture but I did look.

Did I mention it was hot


It was strange in these rest areas- everyone was so very quiet, as if talking was just too much effort. Everywhere else we got into conversations with fellow travelers but not here. That’s one of Eric’s pictures too as is the last one here


I just had to show this one with my improvised sun hat, made from the scarf I had taken with me- just had not thought of taking a sunhat, I thought I looked quite glamorous- Eric said I looked like a pirate. Humph!

I loved the desert bit of the road trip, once we had got out of it- for the return leg we had plenty of water and a full tank of petrol, so I was completely happy then.

Can’t wait to show where we had got too….to be continued.

All comments really welcome. Love to know if anyone else has crossed the desert, by car or horse…



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