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16 for 2016- March

A busy month.. Easter, Cloakroom decorating, still trying to choose a sofa we agree on, trying to choose a new kitchen we agree on, yes our Museum Kitchen circa 1980 is to be consigned to history, but this could take a long time….

So what about the 16 for 2016.

16 swims- 13 so far! And I have gone from 16 lengths at my first swim to 26!

15 minutes x 2x 5= 5 half walks a week. Still a work in progress but we have had some lovely walks recently and have just bought a Dalby Forest pass. We need to go 8 times and then we start saving money. We haven’t had one since our dog died 8 years ago and I really miss our forest walks.

Easter 2016 008

Walking in Dalby Forest at the Bridestones, Master H climbing one!

14 lbs lost-8

13 outings- We had a lovely trip out to see the Flying Scotsman steam through Levisham Station on the 20 March

Flying scotsman March 16 021

So that makes three outings.

12 Cookery Posts- 2 so far, my hate affair with broccoli and blueberry curd

11 Flower Pictures. I love this rose ( One of a bunch) which I was given by Mr J and family when they came to stay.

Easter 2016 031

that makes three.

10 handmade cards.

The total now stands at 5 with these paper craft cards

19.3.2016 002

9 Garden Posts- 2 so far, February and March

8 Stash /kit busting projects. Last month I made Mr J a new picnic blanket from stash and banned the dog from nationalizing it. I felt mean so I made a dog blanket too. But as it’s really just an extension of the first blanket this one isn’t counting towards the 8. Total stays at 1, but here’s the dog blanket. Meantime I am still making hexies from my fabric stash, soon to start sewing them together.

Easter 2016 004

7 sewing/ embroidery projects, nothing to report this month, total stays at 1

6 Acts Of kindness. Had a big BIG think about what I meant by this, and it’s about the act, I don’t want it to be something that is about making me feel good. Does that make sense? Anyway I have two  this month, which illustrate what I mean.

1- picking up other peoples’  litter and putting it in a bin. I do that quite a bit!

2 sorting out messes of supermarket/shop trolleys in the trolley park. Just why do people think it acceptable to just push them in any old how?

What other little acts of civic kindness could I do ?

5 Reading five non fiction books. Yes One read, Edward Enfield. Greece on my Wheels. The title says it all! Still reading Voices from the Workhouse.

4 Improving my knitting/crochet skills- total is still one, but I am now on the first sleeve of the cable cardigan for Master T

3 things form my bucket list- 1 still

2 Railway journey- 0

1 Bus journey-0

0 magazines bought- still at 0 but oh so hard, all these blog posts about projects in magazines. I just have too many magazines already!

How are you doing on your goals for this year? Please feel free to leave a link to any post you have written about this.


16 for 2016- January!

Late,late late, with the January update as it’s the 4 February already. The year started off brilliantly and then went down the pan!!!

I have become even more intimate with the A1, M1,M4,M5,M6, M18, M40 and the M42! Another family crisis which had the potential to be a real tragedy, involving hospitals. Relief- all scary tests and scans came back negative, and now it’s just a question of improving health for one person and keeping a family afloat.

We were away at the weekend and came home to find that YIPPEE, pothole saga has moved to the next stage, and is now Road Repairing  Saga. Have a look at what greeted us on Monday.

snowdrops Jan 2016 014

And the whole road looks like this

snowdrops Jan 2016 019

I won’t mention the car brakes, the chip on the car windscreen, the tumble dryer and the central heating boiler that leaked. Let’s just say that sometimes life can be a trifle difficult.

So what happened with my 16 for 2016?

16 swims-I went swimming four times in January, I started by managing 16 lengths and on the last visit swam 20.

15minutesx 2x 5 days a week walking- I’ll call that a project in progress. Hard to walk when you are in a car etc, but we did manage a stroll round the park where we stayed and these snowdrops brightened our day.

snowdrops Jan 2016 013

14 lbs lost- amazingly 4, since all I did was swim and walk a bit.

13 outings- none

12 cookery posts- I will be honest here I thought I would do one a month,but when I looked at what I wanted to write about realized that it wouldn’t work. Still have plans for 12 but I will have to do some more cooking first!

11 pictures of flowers-none

10 handmade cards- yes , one for Valentine’s Day

9 garden posts- first one due in February

8 stash/kit busting projects- Flower Fairies cross stitch  in progress

7 sewing/embroidery projects- none

6 acts of kindness- none, I didn’t even manage the garden bird count this year. But Innocent smoothie hats are now in the supermarkets.

5 Non Fiction reads.

snowdrops Jan 2016 017

Loving this book

4 Improve knitting and crochet skills, cable jacket underway

3 Bucket list makes. The cheese souffle has been made, but the first one was decapitated getting it out of the oven. DOH!

2 railway journey and 1 bus journey- none yet

0 magazine purchases-None bought in January!

Hope to have more going on in February, and if you would like to leave a link to your 2016 goal progress posts, please feel free to put it in the comments box.




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