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Unraveled Wednesday

The last ten days or so have been really busy, wonderfully busy, but busy. I’m flagging a bit today, but not so much I could miss joining with Kat for a catch up on all things yarny.

Let me start with a Tahdah, for my First sock, which now resembles a sock!

And it fits! Well I never. I had a lot of trouble in the workshop over the toe. Mostly my own fault. I was tired when I left home, decided after two workshops I knew how to get there, didn’t set the satnav, overshot the roundabout I needed , five miles to get turned round, came at the next roundabout from a different exit, lost my bearings, totally, set the sat nav and got there. So I was flustered to say the least. Why did I say my toe problems were mostly my fault, they were totally my fault. The end was a Kitchener stitch, all perfectly straightforward. Insert a needle purl wise…my brain went totally blank. For goodness sake! Fortunately after a demo which made no sense, I consulted the diagram on the pattern , and I only had to restart it once.

So then I mentioned I’d forgotten the long tail cast on. Chris showed me again, but my brain couldn’t do it. Thank goodness for YouTube which I consulted later and easily managed to cast on the next sock.

This last Sunday was Mothering Sunday in the UK. And I had a wonderfully full weekend. On Saturday I went to Cirencester with my oldest son and his two children. We went round the museum, all things Roman, then visited a fabulous food market, followed by lunch. Sunday saw me going to London to see middle son and family. We went to Wimbledon Village for lunch and an amazing Sunday Market. Monday was spent with youngest son and granddaughter and another lunch.

Now Monday was the perfect chance to give my granddaughter her Easter Rabbit. So when I wasn’t off gadding about and feeding my face I knuckled down and finished the rabbit.

I wrapped her up, so she can unwrap her at Easter.

So there we are. I’d love to get the second sock done before Easter, but I’ll wait till my brain is fully engaged.

As to reading, I’m now 2/3rds through South of Broad. I loved the part in San Francisco, as I could picture where everything was as I had spent two super holidays there. The plot has now gone back in time to get the back story to all those complicated relationships, and again I am enjoying this part too, even if the characters are all a bit weird. But then again, to quote “All the world’s a bit weird save thee and me, and even thee is a bit weird”. Think I may still be tired.

Take care,


Here’s the link for Unraveled Wednesday. http://askatknits.com/2023/03/22/unraveled-wednesday-3-22-23/


Comments on: "Unraveled Wednesday" (42)

  1. Yay for your new sock! Congratulations on a pretty and well-fitting sock! And the bunny is so cute 🙂

  2. Super cute bunny! Well done on the sock perseverance too.

  3. Love that sock, it looks like the pattern I always use! My solution for Kitchener is to chant purl knit, knit purl while I do it, but ai always have to check before I begin!

  4. Sock one looks great, I’m looking forward to seeing the finished pair now, and the rabbit looks so cute and cuddly 🙂

  5. Going Batty in Wales said:

    I have tried kitchener stitch several times and am going along fine then make a mistake and end up with a sewn toe. So now I cast off both needles together and it works fine. However Kate Davies patterns are toe up which makes for an interesting start but no joins and I prefer to struggle at the start when I am usually full of beans than at the end when I am tired! And don’t get me started on roundabouts!

    I can see now why you liked that bobbly yarn for the rabbit so much – gorgeous!

    • My mind was totally befuddled by insert needle purlwise. I knit and purl without thinking where I am placing my needle, so needs a picture to show me. I suppose knitting is a bit like riding a bike, driving a car or swimming, you, well me, I do it without thought.

      • Going Batty in Wales said:

        I dont have to think about knitting normally – just when there is a new stitch pattern to learn.

  6. Not sure what WordPress is playing at but I missed this post. Bunny looks good…soft and squishy and those socks are just grand. I’m imagining a big beaming smile on your face each time you wear them

  7. I hold anyone that can knit a sock in high esteem. Your sock looks fabulous. I’m equally in love with the sweet plush rabbit. It’s been awhile since I made my son a teddybear. Your post brings it all back. I’m glad you had time with all three sons.

  8. The wee rabbit! 🤩

  9. Your sock looks amazing! Go you! (and getting lost is just so frustrating… grrr!)

    But that bunny… oh my! It is so adorable! It will be a very well loved gift!

  10. Your sock looks great. Congratulations on mastering Kitchener stitch. I always make toe-up socks so I don’t have to do that. And bunny looks so cuddly.

    • Thank you. I was so grateful for the diagram which showed my needle going in purl wise. Knitting has become something I just do now without thought, so I was surprised I just couldn’t think how to do it.

  11. Well done with the sock. I’ve made about 3 or 4 pairs and had to go back to the instructions each time. I’ve decided 3 or 4 handmade pairs are enough.
    When we still lived in France I paid quite a lot of money to go to an animal willow weaving workshop. My Satnav took me who knows where and, after ringing Mr. Tialys in tears like a soppy girl, he had to talk me down and then in to the right location. I missed the first hour, was completely discombobulated and my willow hare was a disaster. I’ve never felt the urge to weave willow again.

    • Oh bless you! Usually I am ok if I get lost. I had several jobs which entailed driving before the age of satnavs, and got used to leaping out of the car to get directions. So was rather disappointed with my reaction this time. Oddly I have been thinking about a willow weaving workshop in the Summer. I’d love a pheasant.

  12. That sock looks awesome! I’m glad you’ve worked your way through the challenges 🙂 And your bunny — so darling! Happy to hear your Mothering Sunday was lovely.

  13. What a sweet little bunny. The sock looks great. Interesting that you have just celebrated Mothering Sunday. Mother’s Day is in May here in the U. S. But whenever it is celebrated, it is a sweet holiday.

  14. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Glad you had a good mothering Sunday. Love the little bunny

  15. Sweet Easter Rabbit and Mothering Sunday sounds wonderful😀
    Congratulations on the sock 🧦- you’ll have to model them when you are done in a blog post photo!

  16. claire93 said:

    yay to your first sock Cathy! may it be the first of many!
    And awwwwww to the snuggly bunny – so sweet, and love his/her droopy ears.

  17. Great sock! I am very impressed.
    I hate all roundabouts with different lanes to get into. Glad you got there in the end.
    Sweet Bunny!

  18. God help me, I would drive miles to avoid those awful roundabouts. They are the worst traffic design ever. I actually set the sat nav in my own neighborhoods because when you are tired or in a hurry, it’s easy to get distracted and turn wrong. I LOVE your sock!! Two of them will be even better but the colors are just so inspiring. I’m all about YouTube. They save my bacon on a regular basis. Re-threading the serger, joining binding at the end of a quilt are all saved tutorials for me. Things you don’t do often enough to get them to rote memory. I like the bunny. Your granddaughter will love her. Well done!

  19. Congratulations on your first sock! It looks great and what fun colors in your yarn. Also love that darling bunny – someone is going to be so happy come Easter!!

  20. I had to watch a Kitchener video every time I go to the toe for my first 3 pair of socks. Then it clicked and I can pretty much do it now. It is good for our brains to learn new things! I love your sock colors.

    • Once I followed the diagram I was fine, but the verbal directions threw me completely. Yes it is supposed to be Good to learn new things!

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