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ScrapHappy Unraveled

Sometimes the 15th of the month happens to be a Wednesday, thus posing a bit of a problem for me . I can either write my Scrap Happy Post it being the 15th, or an Unraveled Wednesday post it being Wednesday, or one of them. This month I am able to combine the two.

Because, I have made great strides with the blue and yellow yarn from the Big Knit. I now have 40 blocks ready to join.

I have now done the first three strips, re-arranging them a bit as I go. Hard to get balance when you are using scraps. But the outcome will be one more blanket for someone in need.

Meantime I attended the second sock knitting workshop and successfully turned the heel.

Which as everyone predicted was not too hard if you just followed the instructions. There was a bit of unravelling after I did too much talking and not enough counting, but all was well. Homework for tomorrow’s final workshop was to knit to the toe end. So now I am here.

Not only does it look like a sock but it fits like one too. The chopsticks are slowly behaving themselves a bit better, unless by some chance I have improved my skill of knitting with five sticks at once.

I think I must be a slow reader compared to others as I’m only just about 1/3rd of the way through this now. I am enjoying it, but I found that too many characters were introduced at once, then the plot moves on ten plus years and they are all married to each other. I had to go back and write my own list of people and who they married. Never had to do that before. Maybe I am getting old.

If you would like to read about more scrappy projects, which can be about leftover anything, then the link is this one-https://talltalesfromchiconia.wordpress.com/2023/03/15/scraphappy-march-6/

And if you would like to read about just yarn- fibre and books, then here’s that link, http://askatknits.com/2023/03/15/unraveled-wednesday-3-15-23/

Thanks so much for reading.

PS This afternoon I have a real treat in store- a talk from the team that undertook the archeology dig at Wolf Hall. Oh my.


Comments on: "ScrapHappy Unraveled" (42)

  1. Love your sock yarn colours, Cathy, and am eager to hear all about your adventures at Wolf Hall!

  2. What a fun blanket! And don’t forget the completed sock is job half done 🤪😁 I hope the talk was good too.

  3. I think when I knit my first sock and it fits I will faint – ha! Congratulations on your progress and I like the blue and yellow blanket in progress!

  4. The sock looks great. I love the bright cheerful colors in your projects. It is always satisfying to use up scraps and leftovers in a project.

  5. I love all the bright colors in your post!!

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who produces pen and paper each time they start a new ‘something’. It’s a definite necessity for book reading these days (for me at least) it’s a lot easier than keep opening notes on the phone or ipad.
    Didn’t you only just start those squares the other day?

    (I thought I commented when you posted yesterday- obviously not)

    • Life certainly seems to be moving faster the older I get. Monday to Friday used to be sooooo long, now Friday seems to arrive days before I expect it.

  7. It´s gonna be a colorful blanket! Blue and yellow is the color of both the Swedish and the Ukrainian flags!

    • And Oxford United football team! And other football teams. I am trying to make blankets that might appeal to the chaps, as they are given away to someone in need.

  8. Socks seem so intimidating. I’m impressed. It looks like you’re really enjoying your various crafting projects. Nicely done.

  9. Susan Nixon said:

    I don’t think you’re getting old is the cause of the reading issue. I think *some* authors don’t outline the plots well enough. Maybe they get lost in their own stories, or it’s all in their heads, so they don’t realize it isn’t in ours if they don’t explain it!

    Your sock look fabulous and I envy your ability to keep knitting straight in your head. The blue and yellow even more so. Wonderful project for someone.

    • Thanks Susan. There is a twenty year gap between introducing the characters as school children to them all being married in the next part of the book. We shall see ! I frequently use pen and paper in the counting of rows!

  10. claire93 said:

    look at you go with your first sock !!!!!

  11. I’m deeply impressed with your sock making. Absolutely love the colors. The yellow and blue scrap blanket will so someone proud. Excellent progress. I agree with you on the book. I have a hard time when they introduce too many characters. Glad you are enjoying it though.

  12. I am envious about your ability to produce a sock – it is on my list to have a go at one sometime soon but I am not confident I will be able to produce anything that looks like a sock though! Love the brightly coloured squares – just what we need in this dull weather.

  13. Love your sock. Isn’t it fun? Did you find the heel turn to be magical (I always do)? I enjoy Pat Conroy’s books, but find that I never read them quickly.

  14. OOo looking forward to hearing more about your exciting afternoon.
    What a cheerful couple of makes.
    Especially well done with the sock.

  15. I love your sock-knitting – it looks like you are doing great! Turning the heels is not too bad, one row at a time…like many things in life 🙂

  16. The sock knitting is coming along well, I love the multi-colours. Will you be modelling them once they are finished? 🙂

  17. Going Batty in Wales said:

    That blanket will keep someone very cosy and again you have made it suitable for a man! Well done with the sock which is looking very good. I have just begun teaching a neighbour to knit socks and she is not an experienced knitter. It is an interesting process!

    • I asked Chris who is teaching me if she ever had someone turn up to knit socks who’d never knitted before. The answer wasn’t socks but a cable headband, and she couldn’t even cast on!

  18. Go you on that gorgeous sock! And your scrappy blanket is really coming along… quickly! Wow!

    I hope you can settle in with South of Broad… it is such a lovely book!

  19. “Too much talking and not enough counting”… You have just perfectly summed up my life. No wonder I’m so bad at quilt maths.

  20. Lovely knitting

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