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Unraveled Wednesday

I loved the sock knitting worshop I attended last week. There were supposed to be two of us but the other lady couldn’t come so I had one to one tuition. After the first session I was here:-

Cast on with a long tail- never even heard of such a thing, but hey I managed it. The weeks’ homework was to be ready to attempt the turning of the heel, which everyone seems to imply will be hard. Frankly learning to knit with chopsticks has been hard enough. But I am nearly ready for the next session.

The yarn is hand dyed by the tutor. I love the colour I chose.

This morning I woke up to this

Look at the poor little crocus, and the solitary daffodil , what has happened?

Poor little garden! I only need to go outside to take the dustbin and recycling down the drive, so am hoping it might stop snowing this afternoon. Meantime I have started my last library book before I turn to my own bookshelves.

Turns out Pat is a man, well I never, I had just assumed Pat was a female author. Anyway so far so good, it’s an easy read and engaging. So this afternoon I shall be snuggly down with book and knitting. Life is good !

Joining with Kat and the Unravelers, that sounds like a 60’s pop group! Link here-http://askatknits.com/2023/03/08/unraveled-wednesday-3-8-23/


Comments on: "Unraveled Wednesday" (26)

  1. Your sock looks great! I hope that your flowers come through the snow OK!

  2. Sorry about the snow. The sock yarn is gorgeous and great progress so far!

  3. Even the colour of that yarn is cosy! I demand that you show us your tooties fetchingly adorned in that gorgeous wool once the socks are done!

    • I was greatly relieved at my craft group yesterday to find someone knitting socks, so when the workshop ends I’ll have access to a knowledgeable person if sock two defeats me. So far so good.

  4. I love the sock yarn! I envy those who can make socks. I completely understand feeling deceived at the gender of the author. I prefer to read from the female perspective now. I’m sure it will probably turn out to be a good story.

  5. Your sock looks great so fall. I think turning the heel is my favorite part of the sock! I do mostly heel flaps, but I’ve done some others too, and they usually turn out Ok, even with a mistake or two! You go girl!

  6. The sock and the yarn are so pretty. Turning the heel takes focus but it isn’t that hard. In fact it always feels like magic to me. Enjoy. March weather is so fickle.

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement. Yes fickle is the right way to describe the weather. February was so lovely.

  7. I love the colour of the sock yarn and your progress is coming along nicely – well done 🙂

  8. highlyreasonable said:

    I love the colors in your sock yarn and you are moving right along! Don’t let anyone tell you that turning the heel is hard. I have to pay attention when I do it, but just follow the directions and you’ll be just fine. I always think it seems like magic!

  9. March snow! SO heavy, isn’t it?! I’m always amazed at the blooms that look so fragile yet prove to be hardy. I guess it’s a requirement for spring flowers!
    I have to refresh my memory each time I do a long-tail cast-on. It’s a fun rhythm, once I remember (again) 🙂 Looks like those socks are off to a fine start! (I, too, love those colors!)

    • I think I will be looking on You tube to help me with the second cast on, as I’ve already forgotten it! The snow melted a bit yesterday but it looks as if there maybe more to come this week. Good reason to stay home.

  10. I predict that turning the heel will be an easy thing for you! I do like that sock yarn as well!

    And South of Broad is one of my favorite Conroy novels. He was a delightful writer! Enjoy!

  11. Pat Conroy is a favority author – hope you enjoy the book. Your sock progress is amazing! Well done. And, I find turning the heel to be quite magical and fun. The yarn colors are scrumptious!

    • I’m enjoying the book so far as the characters are inter. If the heel goes well I shall hope for a wonderful moment.

  12. claire93 said:

    well done on your sock knitting début! Turning the heel isn’t hard . . . you just need to follow the pattern, blindly, and take a leap of faith. It’s hard to envisage what it is you’re doing until it’s actually done, and things work out as if by magic!

    • Thanks for the information. Some things are like that, like making a toy and everything is the wrong way round till the last minute.

  13. Sock looking good. There are lots of different ways of knitting socks and even different needles you can use so once you have got going you can experiment and find your preferred method. Unusually we had a bit of snow here in Southampton too. Soon washed away with the rain though.

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