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Unraveled Wednesday

On the right day this week..

Currently about 2/3rds of the way through the book- it’s about one of the big scandals that occured in my chidlhood, but began in pre-war Cambridge university when idealistic young men were recruited to spy for Russia, and continued to do so throughout the WW2 and the Cold War. I recall hushed conversations by my parents and their shocked faces. I saw this account first as TV drama over Christmas and was thrilled to discover the programmes were based on this book. Frankly the whole matter is really shocking, the old boys network that let the traitors get away it for so long. It’s a riveting read if you enjoy having your eyes open to how the estalishment works!

Knitting wise. Slight progress on the rabbit. I keep sidetracking myself with granny squares. 35/40 now completed, soon be time to crochet them together to make a blanket.

Meantime I made 10 more poppies for the church display in November.

Tomorrow I am attending a workshop, 1 out of 3 to help me overcome my fear of sock knitting. I’m rather excited to be finally taking the plunge. Especially as I already own yarn for three pairs of socks.

Joining with Kat and other unravelers for some yarn chatter here-http://askatknits.com/2023/03/01/unraveled-wednesday-3-1-23/


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  1. I really enjoy making socks now. I always have at least one pair going!

  2. That sounds like such an interesting book! That was a really unique situation – would love to know more about it. Love your poppies, and hope that you enjoy sock knitting!

  3. I can’t knit anyway but sock knitting would be beyond me – I think I’d make leg warmers instead! 🙂

  4. Hope the workshop was good. I am not a sock knitter. I’ve done a few but they just don’t grab me. But I know others who churn out dozens! And some of the sock yarn is rather scrumptious.

  5. Enjoy your workshop. I have made about three pairs now, each time glued to the instructions so it never became instinctive or addictive for me. I love the results though. Time will tell if you get the sock bug.

  6. claire93 said:

    I’m not a very experienced knitter, and I managed to knit some socks last year, Cathy ^^ It’s all very clever, and I do hope your workshop gives you the incentive to use up your sock yarn.

  7. Okay! I need to find that book! I have heard Philby mentioned in a couple of books but I am clueless as to the Philby History! Thank you for sharing!

    (and I simply love those poppies!!)

    • It’s one of those stories that rumbled in my childhood. I had absolutely no idea of the complacency and entitlement that existed. Frankly appalled.

  8. Going Batty in Wales said:

    I think the book would make me rage so I will gve that one a miss! I was supposed to go and see a neighbour today to teach her how to knit socks but she has messaged to say that she is unwell so we will start next week. There are loads of different ways of making them – top down, toe up and various ways to shape the heel. As others have said it is not difficult but you need to follow the pattern carefully and count rows etc. Once you have made a pair or two to the pattern the class uses and overcome your fear I can recommend Kate Davies’s book Bluestockings – her instructions are brilliant and very clear.

    • Thank you for telling me about the book and for the encouragement. Yesterday I managed to do a long tail cast on and manoeuvre my way to rib with five needles. Nearly a pro!

  9. ‘Fear of sock knitting’ is strangely specific, especially when one is as expert at knitting as you are! What is it that bothers you? The heels? The toes? It amazes me, because some quite silly people are able to do it very capably, and you’re not at all silly. Go slay ’em, my dear.

  10. Those poppies are sweet and that book sounds quite interesting!

  11. Path of least resistance – ‘simple granny squares’ as opposed to calculated bunny knitting involving shaping😊
    Wish they had an introduction to sock knitting here….I’d be there like a shot. It’s been in my mind for a while – now on my to do some day list – then like you I see another child’s garment needed and that comes first.

    • I could win prizes for procrastination ! Some days my get up and go, has gone. I am pleased to have found this workshop. It’s a small group in a home.

  12. Oh I do hope you enjoy your workshop! I’m an avid sock knitter – always have a pair on the go! I’m going to look at that book…sounds interesting.

  13. Two years ago, I made sock knitting my 100 day project. Each day I spent at least 15 minutes on sock knitting. It really changed my thinking. I hope your workshop will help you with your sock knitting and I hope you will share some hints and tips.

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